hmmmm. well here’s something else with wings, besides brogues of course.

a pegasus latte! i just want to know if it does soy lattes too. from MAKE.

and get this, last night i spilled COFFEE all OVER 2 fully cut, fully stenciled totes. OUCH. coffee good – coffee bad. le sigh…

P.S wow. i just went through their OnLatte blog, you can take a photo and have it printed directly on your coffee, or draw something to be put immediately on your coffee too.

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Wow, that’s really cool – I can see quite a few coffee brands picking this up.

Amber    25 August 08    #

oh no! did you spill pegasus prints on the bags?

lady coveted    26 August 08    #

That’s sooooo lovely! The slight imperfections just make it all the more antique and chic looking. Thanks for posting this!

Shauna Chapman    26 August 08    #


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