officially called “Armulet Monster” Python Dual Cuffs by Marsha Chun-Matsubara. i love these. found through Nubiasnonsense.

my love of trenches is out of control forever. if you follow my bloggings you know. so… this combines my medieval minimalist lovings and trench obsession too. how gorgeous, and perfect and unexpected. by iris van herpen and via Style Child.

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Oh, God, these are wonderful… I’m seeing all these wonderful clothing and jewelery and shoes specifically now that I’m worrying about outfits to an upcoming event and it’s driving me crazy, broke as I am!

Thank you very much for your comment, I am adding your blog to the thingy that warns me when you post something new because your blog is pretty amazing, you have a post on a movie with David Bowie and I really like what you said on all those comments, you took the time. :) *

biru    4 September 09    #

This is so bad ass with a dash of lovely! You know Tara I never got into chictopia so I wouldn’t know how it works. Modepass I joined just cause the girls Betty and Lamechante from flickr invited me when it was still in beta. I thought, why not! It’s seems like everyone is so nice over there and I have noticed a rise in etsy orders from france. I’ve met amazing people that I would have never found out about if it weren’t for modepass. So I love it! BTW, I got my shoes today!! I can’t wait to post some photos.

Lidia Luna    4 September 09    #

Oh my god, those cuffs are crazy, in the best possible way! I might have to try a DIY inspired by this. They are so so so very cool.

Alexandra    4 September 09    #

Biru-you are too sweet. your blog is great. and me too, i’m seeing things that i love this year. like all the things i love are coming together. and thank you :) and thanks for dropping by.

Alexandra- i know huh! these are so good.

Lidia Luna- thanks for the info! modepass it is for sure then. that sounds great. and damn, those shoes are fine!

SwanDiamondRose    4 September 09    #

That pearl monster is so awesome!

eyeliah    4 September 09    #

Hey sweets thanks for the mention.

Can’t wait to get some nice trenches. That one is very furturistic looking, Love it

Nubiasnonsense    4 September 09    #

holy crap… i do mean holy wow… i’ve never seen pearls look so badass!

jennine    5 September 09    #

wow I need that arm cuff in my life!

Claudette    7 September 09    #

Nubiasnonsense- and thanks for bringing this amazing armband to my attention!

jennine- i know! i love all this pearl and leather combining right now.

Claudette- me too!

SwanDiamondRose    8 September 09    #


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