O little coat. O wonder of fitted bodice, empire waist and big shiny buttons! O puffed shouldered dolly coat. O 70s coat doing that 40s thing. O abandonned cutie found once again.

But? Where? What sad fate has allowed you to come freed from your perfect matching belt?

I do what I can. I search under the racks, your pockets, the entire aisle! But nothing? How can this be that in your almost perfection, your having survived so long… you are amiss in this one tiny but giant detail?!

With it you are svelte, chic, matching, keeping-the-warmth-in, haughty even! And without? Well without it… I do still love you. And will still carry you triumphantly from the store. Admittedly looking over my shoulder and checking the floor as I go.

If I wanted to start a business that would fail, I would start a tiny store that would magically recreate all these lost belts for your lovely coats.

So remember… be kind to separated coat belts when you thrift and do tie them to their mothership.

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What immediately comes to mind:

Tis better to have loved than lost, than never to have loved at all.
—Alfred Lord Tennyson

Ahh, the bittersweetness of it…...

Michelle    10 December 06    #

hehe ;)

SwanDiamondRose    11 December 06    #

Perhaps the lost belt is a sign that we shouldn’t be so matchy matchy and to get bold with colours.

S.    11 December 06    #

that is a good point S. i think i paired the coat that inspired my “ode” with a non-matching belt in the Ebay photos. i like that look :) although it’s not very bold, but it’s pretty big!

SwanDiamondRose    11 December 06    #


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