hi all! i love that you visit my little blog over here at SDR. i would be even happier if some of the lurkers unlurked!

come say hi! introduce your sweet selves.

i’d <3 to hear from you…

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heeey my name is caitlin, i forget how i first found your blog, but i love your style, and your bags (ive been REALLY into ropes recently)i make things, i also love/hate fashion, so i like to see what you’re thinking of

Caitlin    25 July 08    #

hi caitlin :) i’d love to see what you make. and thank you for your comments and unlurking :)

1 unlurker! and another under another entry. i think i have to beef up this campaign or maybe start asking more questions. hmmmm…

SwanDiamondRose    27 July 08    #

Hiya, my name’s Aurora. I found your blog through… someone else in this big blogging community. I’m addicted to blog reading. The fact that you’re driven to makemakemake and are getting yourself out there as a business lady is super impressive to me. So I like to call my addiction to blog-reading “inspiration,” though I’ve yet to do enough with that inspiration to justify the screen time. Like your style!

Rorosto    28 July 08    #

thanks and hi Aorora :) now i’m getting happier. i guess i should keep requesting people to unlurk. anyway. thank you for saying hi! and i love that phrase- business lady :)

SwanDiamondRose    2 August 08    #


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