Nastassja Kinski, 1989, by David Mcgough.

My birthday is coming so soon. I love it but it is still sending me for a bit of spin. Like walking on ping pong balls. But I love seeing more and more photos of “older women”, the street shots by The Sartorialist especially, he captures some striking, strong, sexy Italian women so well, paparazzi shots of an “older” Kate Moss [I know, I know, she is hardly “older” but any age in women has been so thoroughly hidden before and still is in her campaigns for example]. I have actually been pretty obsessed by this “older woman” idea for a while. As in “what do they know?”, “what are there lives really like?” And then just the look fascinates me.

When looking up some information on Nastassja Kinski, her birth date on Wikipedia is unconfirmed. As much as I like the truth about everything being told, I like mystery too. It is almost impossible to have an unconfirmed birth date now.

Anyway, I have been a fan of her’s forever. And wanted to share these Japanese modeling photos of her from when she was 13, and a few other photos too.

I love this softly belted oversize trench, because yes i love trenches.

In a bear suit in The Hotel New Hampshire by Tony Richardson, 1984.

Thank you to my amazing online friend nicolas cage vampire teeth for the modeling photos and reminding me how incredible Ms. Kinski is.

So… how old will I be? I’m not telling!

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She’s gorgeous! I was so obsessed with cat people when I was little. And Hotel New Hampshire is one of my all time favorite movies. I never knew she was the same actress.

Lidia Luna    12 September 09    #

i have to see cat people again and need to see the old one.

SwanDiamondRose    13 September 09    #

I still have my “Nastassja Kinski with the Serpent” poster that I bought when I was in high school. (Oops, I’m probably giving away my age!) No matter, I guess, since I’m a guy.

My wife just celebrated a major milestone birthday — a lot of stress in the house beforehand. But now that the big day has come and gone? Meh, another day.

Jamie    16 September 09    #

That snake poster is incredible. And it’s funny I didn’t think i cared about this birthday, I mean you can see them coming for miles, but wow, meltdown!

SwanDiamondRose    18 September 09    #

I guess is just like the Goldfrapp singer, she also has the whole “what’s her real age” debate on wikipedia. Sometimes I wonder if I were famous how would i go about that. I would love to say I’m 22 (sooo not my real age) as I look much younger than my real age, but so many people I know are aware of the real number. ADORE Nastassja, always have, always will.

Fashion Limbo    26 October 09    #


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