is this not ridiculously gorgeous? and it is even almost cold enough to wear it! which i did.

close ups here & here & here. and do look because the detail is beguiling. i don’t know all the terms so feel free to correct me [Mandy] but the body is a net-like knit, there is cabling running along the sleeves and the body and right into the ribbed hem [which seems to drive Mandy crazy, which is totally understandable], big scoop cabled neckline so i can layer galore, a cute yet gruff toggle, puffed sleeves, and a beautiful finish on the sleeves that draws them in, which i really love.

.sweater designed & knit by Mandy aka Yarnageddon. see her blog & flickr. and her new Yarn Bombing book which just came out!
.ebayed vintage black leather corset/tank, it’s like a leather boy thing for a leather girl.
.AA long tank
.thrifted 80s deadstock jeans that are LOOONG
.thrifted 70s vintage knee high black leather stiletto boots

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Forgive me for being awkward, but that looks totally hot! What an absolutely gorgeous sweater!

Michelle    7 September 09    #

Gorgeous! You’re so lucky to have a talented friend like Mandy.

lisa    7 September 09    #

you look amazing! that sweater is perfect on you!

jennine    7 September 09    #

So beautiful and you styled it perfectly!

Lidia Luna    7 September 09    #

fabulous sweater!! i love it on you :)

grechen    8 September 09    #

That’s so gorgeous! You’re lucky to have a friend that makes you stuff like that.

Alexandra    8 September 09    #

Michelle- you are more than forgiven! and thank you :)

lisa- i am!

jennine- thanks so much. we sat in her kitchen and hashed out between us what we both liked. i love it like crazy.

Lidia Luna- wow, thank you :)

grechen- thank you <3

Alexandra- thank you too. i certainly am. i traded her for one of my SWANclothing Moonshine Twins totes.

SwanDiamondRose    8 September 09    #

She did a wonderful job! I’m actually just finishing up a knitted tunic with a similar neckline. Pictures this week…

Shay    8 September 09    #

Holy cow! I wish she was my friend too!

What a beautiful piece.

(Thanks for stopping by the other day. I appreciate hearing from you. Swing by anytime.)


enc    9 September 09    #

Thanks for the comment. The shoes are incredible…but probably incredibly hard to walk in haha. Your combination of textures here with the sweater and corset is brilliant.

Claudette    10 September 09    #

She is super talented! It’s gorgeous and looks amazing on you.

andrea    14 September 09    #

Shay- i have to check that!

enc- it’s scary to be a junky for your friend’s creations! and i like your blog :) i will be back.

Claudette- thank you! i finally found a sort of subtley way to wear that corset.

andrea- she is :) and thank you :)

SwanDiamondRose    18 September 09    #


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