so i think to myself… i am doing a good thing here. i am reselling clothes. i am making bags from thrifted fabrics. sounds environmentally conscious.

but what about all the transport? the fuel? do you know how many things i bought in nyc that i am now sending back to nyc? a lot.

i am trying to have a business model in line with my ethics. but how environmentally conscious can i be and still eat?

anyway, these are things i think about. and one of the reasons i am reading “Uncommon Carriers” by John McPhee. all about transport, transport, transport- trucks, ships, planes etc and the people who drive, steer, fly them. any book that goes into fetishistic detail about 18-wheelers and cowboy boot collections is a thing of beauty to me.

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this isn’t a comment from me but from Sabocracy, the comment box didn’t work for her. i hope this hasn’t happened to anyone else. here it is:

“I know exactly what you mean. I study sustainable
transportation and I did some work at Translink on goods

Tell you what, when I buy your stuff, I’ll come pick it
up by bus! Does that work with your ethical business

SwanDiamondRose    28 November 06    #


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