i am pearl obsessed now and for this fall. fall! i want fall! this is my favourite pearl encrusted belt. it’s 80s and thrifted and kind of metal queen. it’s missing pearls but who cares. and my favourite forever grey sweatshirt, thrifted too. a gold rolling stone earring from The Rock Shop, and a rhinestone “T” stud too. more pearls soon…

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Wow this belt is a beaut, even if it has got pearls missing I think it would just add to the look!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxx

Rianna Bethany    14 August 09    #

Holy smokes that belt is stunning! I’ve been obsessed with pearls for years…I would wear that belt in a heartbeat. I would wear it with so many things! Yarg!

liz    14 August 09    #

Oh mannnn…I want this belt, and anything that can be described as “metal queen.” I’m keeping my eyes peeled when I go thrifting for sure.

andrea    15 August 09    #

yey! thanks for belt love! i almost gave this away. but those pearls! they are so fat, and ya i just love this.

SwanDiamondRose    17 August 09    #

Beyond perfect!

Lidia Luna    20 August 09    #

honestly Lidia this belt has always made me think of you :)

SwanDiamondRose    21 August 09    #


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