well this is actually yesterday, but close enough. for the Flickr wardrobe_remix group and other Flickr groups too. continuing with my shirt [or blouse] under vintage t, and menswear theme. and everything is thrifted. buttondown boys long sleeve shirt. tiny wine leather 80s belt. the t i got in tokyo a long time ago in a vintage store, i reworked it since the graphic was weirdly sliding to the left. i wouldn’t rework such an old vintage shirt these days. but i am so glad i still have this one. it’s like some sort of thrifting trophy now. and i love my 80s highwaist pinstripe skirt which i never wear. you can’t see them here but i am wearing my wine leather 80s Cougar brogues. and i trimmed my hair. anyway, this is me.

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i love that t! you are right, it is a great find… question, do you have a studio in your house, or just a really good camera?

lady coveted    12 February 08    #

hey thank you :) i sort of have a studio. more of a “studio” area. i think my camera is pretty good. it is a CanonPowershot S50. it takes huge files.

SwanDiamondRose    12 February 08    #


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