i am so hesitant to put photos of me online again. cringing really. but i will soon with my SWAN stuff. so here’s a test run. half a face. unflattering angles. spazticness. a good combo.

.white bustier made by me
.thrifted vintage belt with the BEST details
.thrifted 80s tuxedo front pleated jeans
.thrifted vintage mercenary shirt i STILL WEAR!
.Ebayed 80s ankle boots, my god i love these
.thrifted bow earrings that have an unworn matching necklace
.neon pink thing, that i stare at but don’t actually wear, for inspiration. it’s basically a neon bungee thing with BIG gold blingbling hardware. ya.

view large here.
and view with commentary here :)

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It works for me…can’t wait to see MORE!!!

Imelda Matt    3 April 09    #

it’s going to be non-stop me-o-rama for a while. lucky you!

SwanDiamondRose    4 April 09    #


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