More photo love for SWANclothing summer lace sock garters! Pics from Rebecca’s “Lace For A Lady, Letters For A Spy“ blog entry on The Clothes Horse. I tweeted oh so happily about these yesterday. Something about them making my Monday, but I have to change that, they make my week and more, more, more. Thank you Rebecca. And what a beautiful title too. I need a program to randomly generate fabulous blog entry titles for me. Will someone build that please?

There are more great close-up photos of the summer lace sock garters from Rebecca too, I will post them soon.

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nice skirt!

zoe    14 June 10    #

oh my gosh, your sock garters are too adorable. I love your site.

maya    15 June 10    #

i agree zoe :)

and maya, thank you!!

SwanDiamondRose    20 July 10    #


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