hi everyone. i just wanted to say thanks for the recent blog posts and tweets about the SWANclothing sock garters. i’ll be doing a proper “thanks all!” post and linkage soon.

and i’ve finally updated my LINKS section. which is now a mini links section on my sidebar, with a More… links section within the blog. i don’t know how ideal this is. visually i like it. morally?! not sure. i may revert back to bringing them all to the sidebar again, we shall see. feel free to chime in if you are happy or perturbed.

also, thanks for the people who are following me on my new SWANclothing Facebook page, and new Twitter followers. i feel like i am almost getting the hang of this tweets business.

and… it’s really my friends over at Bento Box who do all the updating around here. including the fabulous delicate reinterpretation of my banner, which was originally created by my sister Katie. this would be just a few of the many people on team Swan. and i wanted to say thank you!

that is an embarrassing amount of thank yous!

oh and thank you to my mom for this photo.

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Oh the swan photo is awesome! Like little swan pilgrims, taking off for a new land…

About the link list, not that I have any complaints, but since you said you had moral doubts :) – how about using a script that randomly displays different links from the whole link list each time the page is loaded? Not that I possess the capabilities of writing such a script, but I think it shouldn’t be at all hard to do for someone who knows how to do these things.

elle s'ennuie    29 November 09    #

alo elle s’ennuie! you know i had thought of doing a manual version of that. but not a generated one. i’ll mention it to the people who built my blog. i think it’s a great idea. thank you! i also changed the size of the sidebar list because another website building friend mentioned that if you have over a certain number of links on one page they treat you differently in their ratings. besides that, it was just plain starting to look crazy. but each day i keep adding more and more people to that sidebar list again because i just want to.

SwanDiamondRose    29 November 09    #

Hi! Love your blog and all your ideas/images. Very inspiring stuff. I will be visiting again!

Jessica    5 December 09    #

alo! thank you! i like what you blog too. those shaggy interiors are amazing. i’ll be visiting you again too :)

SwanDiamondRose    5 December 09    #

I heart your mom for sending you that photo.

WendyB    7 December 09    #

i will totally tell her that ;)

SwanDiamondRose    7 December 09    #


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