well this is a little bit insane. Jerry Hall, 1977 & a lot of ties. Ms Hall generally acts VERY disco in a white suit. NSFW.

P.S. did anyone else notice when my blog got all “badass”? or was it always like this? dunno. but i figure if i want to post videos of Jerry Hall in piles of ties- heck it’s my blog!

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Is the video “Jerry Hall lives in Huntington Hartford`s Tie Closet” available anywhere, on this site or otherwise? I used to know both Hunt and Elaine Hartford and am told Elaine was in the background in the video. Please let me know either way.

Ozzie Williams    15 November 09    #

i didn’t post this video, i only found it on youtube. and eventually it was deleted. sorry. i was sad that it was deleted and tried to look for it again but haven’t found it. i would write the person on youtube whose account it is tied to. the video is amazing and there were people here and there in the background. but i don’t know who they were.

SwanDiamondRose    15 November 09    #


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