when i think of a film with my favourite interiors i think of The Man Who Fell To Earth. they are simply my favourite interiors ever. raw, sometimes really raw, huge spaces, all decades of style juxtaposed but minimized. each room is different and transitions abruptly into the next. a bed hanging from the ceiling. 70s photographic murals. chandeliers. huge screens. black & white animal themed “victorian” wallpaper. thickly carved dark wood furniture.

it’s a beautiful movie. and David Bowie is so beautiful in it. but it is so sad. and not sure if i recommend stirring your drink with a gun but i think it is a lot more interesting than most cocktail making instructions. video here & here.

i’m now off to get my shortened trench coat! and home to sew for fall!

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I love this movie! And all things Bowie, generally.

Shay Wilson    3 September 09    #

me too!

SwanDiamondRose    18 September 09    #


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