Yet another victim sucked into the unrelenting shoe greed zone of Imelda Matt! Imelda interviews the talented, shoe-designing, liker-of-trains Max Kibardin. And I threw in some questions too!

I should also add that the lovely Imelda gave great quote on the new SWAN items- “…your new bags are HEAVEN!” which I quickly added to my revamped ABOUT SWANclothing & Totes. Thank you Imelda.

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True, I’m as trash talker but I do speak the truth…your bags are HEAVEN!

Imelda Matt    16 April 09    #

i do mean all those things in the best of ways of course :) i am a true fan! and thank you again for kind words :)

SwanDiamondRose    16 April 09    #

Thanks for visiting my site. I added you on my blog roll :)

Thumbelina Fashionista    16 April 09    #

thank you Thumbelina :)

SwanDiamondRose    16 April 09    #


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