for the miscellaneous Beauty section. i guess it’s a hair thing.

thanks to hoyan‘s comment i now know that the 1st image is The Bridesmaid by Sir John Everett Millais. the 2nd is a David Bailey photo. i like her necklaces.

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beautiful hair. i am trying to grow mine out, it has been short for years.

la_meow    25 February 08    #

#1 is awesome, it reminds me of led zepplin

lady coveted    25 February 08    #

oh my! i just saw that painting in the newspaper the other day, can’t remember who it’s by but apparently it is teeming with subtle references to sexuality because she is passing a piece of wedding cake through a ring in the hope of dreaming about her future husband and her mouth is open even though this was in the victorian age! so now you now :)

hoyan    26 February 08    #

la_meow- ya your hair would look nice long, it looks like you have alotta hair. lady coveted- so right! hoyan- really? and really? wow, now i really must find the artist. thanks for posting this info.

SwanDiamondRose    26 February 08    #


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