i have a problem with saving piles & piles of images i find online [where i travel, travel, travel]. and if they aren’t found images they are the 100s i take each week. they clutter my desktop and sometimes bog down my laptop entirely. it’s one reason i have a Flickr stream.

so i’ve decided to have a little image sharing blowout here and clear the slates. [also because i can’t think of what else to say today as i had too many martinis last night and swam in my friend’s giant glowing pool, while deciding that yes life is truly beautiful. i did keep my head clear enough to win a bid on Ebay via his Iphone. i borrow glamour these days: pools, iPhones… but i have finally replaced my very missed silver buckle bracelet that i wore in all my photos. nice. oh and i bought shoes. new shoes. a rare thing for me. not online. more about that later i guess.]

Images by row-
old Kate Moss Fendi campaign

Prada FW 2008/imelda/Betsey Johnson FW 2008/old Kate Moss Fendi campaign/Calvin Klein FW 2008

Christophe Bergeron limo landscape/digital debris on Harley & the Marlboro Man screenshot taken by me/Miami Vice poster/lingerie via the coveted/acid wash jeans i like via The Facehunter

Nobuhiko Kitamura designer of Hysteric Glamour/photo by Heather & Ellie via Style Bubble/Prada FW 2008/old Kate Moss Fendi campaign

Emanuelle Alt/eternal child/Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell album cover/Nicky & Paris Hilton [!]

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Oooo I have those old Fendi ads stashed in the depths of one of my inspiration boxes and I even did an ink and water sketch of one years ago. Mmm thanks for reminding me!

Rekoj    14 August 08    #


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