ok that isn’t really true. but i want it to be! i could actually barely wake up this morning. and when i did make it outside it was a land of grey slush. but everyone looked great! how is that possible? sometimes i think i have my blinders on. because today when i looked around, every clothing detail, intentional or not, was right. maybe it’s my new neighbourhood. i am surrounded by students. everything looks good on them. preciously picked items mixed with the slovenly, accidental or practical.

reusable coffee cups stuffed in the sidepockets of khaki knapsacs falling off the shoulders of grey wool trenchcoats. layers of shrunken jackets over long turtlenecks with oversize straight leg trousers and streamlined sneakers. a messy raven haired bun offset by tiny barely dangling pearl earrings. sleeping pigeon toed bus riding girls in navy peacoats. horrible botched curly haired boy haircuts that work!

this is pretty banal stuff, this is not my style at all, but everything looked perfectly imperfect today. maybe it’s just nice to be alive. or maybe it’s people like ::: coki ::: who find me on myspace [yes i have a myspace] that make me happy. heck i even borrowed her tagline today.

so in praise of student style everywhere, here’s a piece of the movie Love Story. no one wears a peacoat better than Ali MacGraw. [bear with the 1st minute or so, it gets better. better yet, get the movie and see some great 70s preppy style.]

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