this is so brief. i am recovering from working too many all-nighters and still have a small pile of orders to go. it’s funny, it’s not actually that i have hundreds of orders over here. it’s just that each tote takes a fair amount of time.

but here is something i often think about and have for a long while. i am starting to have those “i want a sweet space” feelings again, instead of studio-work-vault tricked out with laptop/sewing machine/tripods that i never leave. and in this sweet space i would love some antique Black Forest furniture. i love animal carvings in wood but i’m pretty specific. i don’t really like cute. i like austere, mysterious, mythical, gentle, majestic and a little naive. at least for this. and in dark woods, old endlessly rubbed woods, and Bog wood. my favourite. it’s black, just like it shared space with some dinosaurs in a tar pit.

here is a small example. a hand carved Victorian/Edwardian era deskbox [or casket].

Box information and photo credit here.

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hi there from austria
nice collection did you purchase black forest items
i have the shop full with mastercarvings!
dogs,bears, heads, boxes, clocks and many more
i can send you pictures if you like

chris    16 March 09    #


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