Thank you very much for pics…
White Lightning – Topshop . Stay Fancy Free . Blog Full of Jelly . Curves To Kill – Teer Wayde . Porkchop Rules . A Fluffy Blog . annaliviaplurabelle . Mia Regine …sock garters and thigh high garters definitely have range.

And a few more recent interviews, bloggings, press…
The Globe and Mail – Lingerie too pretty to cover up . Mischief My Dear . Fashion Daydreams . inaccessory . tfs – Trend: Sock Garters by Sarah Joynt …thanks for the pixels people. That last kindly article talks about me like I am a sock garter instigator. Maybe I am?

More press gatherings- 1, 2, 3, 4 {just keep scrolling through this last one}.

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hay that’s me! I love my sock garters – far and away my best accessories purchase of the year. Thank you so much!!

sunshine    7 July 10    #

yey! that’s the nicest :) i’m so glad you like them! thank you too :)

SwanDiamondRose    7 July 10    #

Hey that’s great! Congratulations :) And yes, I definitely think you’re the instigator of this one!

elle s'ennuie    7 July 10    #

You are the instigator, and I think it’s awesome!

andrea    17 July 10    #

aw :) hey you two thanks :)

SwanDiamondRose    17 July 10    #


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