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i’m so tired of shooting inside. blah. and now it’s sunny. and i think i got burnt doing this.

.thrifted 80s rose dress that i love, with a smocked t-back you can see in the detail shot
.HUGE 80s acid wash denim bag i got on Etsy
.80s flats by Nicole from Ebay
.SWANclothing TINY ROSE sweatshirt purse made by me

now i just have to figure out how not to get leaf shadows on my face.

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Me too! But my face is cracking and peeling from allergies. Hence no photos for weeks now :(
I love your floral dress! Such an amazing cut, and your bags!!

Lidia Luna    7 April 09    #

what a rad dress! the back is so cool. i also like how you are double bagging it with two such great pieces.

eden    7 April 09    #

thank you miss Luna! i look forward to new photos. in fact i’ll go check now!

and thank you eden :) nothing like a huge tote for huge stuff and a tiny purse for cel, keys, $ etc

SwanDiamondRose    12 April 09    #


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