i’ve always liked metal and studs and buckles. but my like has bloomed into “i think about hardware all the time pretty much”. my makings evolve from the hardware i find. hardware access dictates my life! i have bowls and rolls of chain in my studio. tiny metal swans. “O” rings and “D” rings. bronze and stainless steel. super long zippers i just love to pick up and wonder what i could do with them. huge heavy silver buttons from the 60s, that i think because of their weight i can call them hardware. and a fine pair of bolt cutters that i really cherish. and buckles!

my love of buckles has migrated into everything i wear. i bought glasses with tiny faux buckles on the side. i collect vintage mexican silver buckle bracelets [they keep breaking!]. i have thrifted vintage rhinestone studded buckle earrings… i have a lot of this buckle stuff.

yesterday i found and bought this vintage wood buckle bracelet from Etsy seller penorus.

i love this tiny white leather buckle ring by Miss Bibi.

found thru and photo from Style Bubble.

and here’s one i want but won’t be getting just because i can’t be flinging cash around willy nilly can i? a mid-century buckle cuff from Carmen & Ginger.

and here’s a perfect specimen. drule…

a silver Victorian cuff from Gorgeous Things.

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