it’s probably a trick but over here it feels like winter is almost gone. I want to get in a last couple of winter posts. today, more lovely photos from Piret and her ethereal blog A Mouse Upon the Sands. Piret is sort of a regular here, i can not resist her photos of Estonia. and of course her carrying her SWANclothing Louche tote around kind of melts my heart.

all these photos are from blog entry tales of darkness and light.

next, i finally have some pics of my lovely Whitby Cowl from Tara-Lynn of yarnovermovement. i love my cowl Tara-Lynn!

and thanks for putting up with the week long store closure. i’m pretty much working around the clock sewing orders and working on spring items. my blog and store and all those other online things are like my heartbeat to me. so i hate closing my store and look forward to opening with fresh items ASAP!

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Hey:) Thank you for featuring me again!
It’s still winter here, alas, probably for at least another month! It’s the most snow-filled winter we’ve had in many years, and I loved it, but really, I am so ready for spring now…

elle s'ennuie    5 March 10    #

if that is the kind of winter you get, i can see how it could become a bit much! still looks so beautiful from here. and it’s always me who should thank you :) for such beautiful photos. thank you!!!

SwanDiamondRose    7 March 10    #

these photos are so amazing. i am really going to miss winter. some may think i am crazy, but there is nothing more magical than a great snowfall.

amy    7 March 10    #

i agree. i haven’t been in snow like this since i was a kid.

SwanDiamondRose    12 March 10    #

these photos are SPECTACULAR!!!!

drollgirl    29 March 10    #


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