I’ve been trying to figure out how to give to charity through SWANclothing for a bit. And the easiest way is just through my making a personal donation of 1% of my sales to The Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre which provides nesting habitat to, amongst other critters, the Trumpeter Swan. And in the near future I plan to join their adopt-a-swan program. Just a thank you to the beautiful swans and you too.

Swan photo is by Hetty 51. Who graciously let me use it to create my swan stencil that decorated some 2007 SWANclothing t-shirts…
and some SWANclothing Straight totes too. Looking back at these t-shirts, I think I want to use these stencils again on new t-shirts that I’ll make. I think I still really love them.

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oh my gosh, if you have a chance go for a walk around lost lagoon – the swans are nesting right now, and a lot of the nests are right by the edge of the pond, really lovely to see.

Shay    19 May 09    #

thank you Shay! i just responded on your blog. i don’t know where lost lagoon is?

SwanDiamondRose    26 May 09    #


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