i keep hinting. and i am almost finished the 1st batch of SWANclothing 2010 spring offerings. filling orders is really intense right now and balancing that with creating new items is a challenge to say the least. but i am very excited about spring things. newness brings lightness. sometimes nothing feels better than a change and different visuals to express a new season and time. as much as i love the past and old things, i love this too.

over the next couple of days i will post large versions of these in my Flickr stream. they look much nicer huge. EDIT- view here.

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Argh, the suspense!
And! Speaking of new, the Moonshine Twins saw their second day of action today, after only a brief trip to the library on Saturday; and there’s proof on my blog :) Thank you so much, it is lovely and we’re going to have many wonderful adventures together in the coming months!

elle s'ennuie    12 April 10    #

Intriguing! I like the look of the wooden swans. You always find such nice floral fabric too.

Amber    12 April 10    #

oops! i thought i answered here. hi elle s’ennuie! i saw the photos. i love them. it’s still some crazy magic your carrying the totes over there i think.

and Amber, thank you so much. i am sloooowly getting to some nice new stuff. slooowly.

SwanDiamondRose    13 April 10    #

oh the fabric tara!

tara-lynn    14 April 10    #


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