via f&art the “This Bag is a Fake“ activist kit. just in case throwing nuclear jello on fur wearing fashion aficionados wasn’t enough! get sticker happy with suspected faux bag infractions! hmmmm. dunno about all that but still an interesting guerrilla type kit.

and for the other side…

the “i am NOT a FAKE tag“ by La Coque. who i blogged a long whiles back

heck! wear them BOTH on your tote and keep them guessing!

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As always, you and your bags and blog rock! Somedays I am a fake, somedays I am not. Most days I am a flake. ha. Rock on and Thank you for featuring my La Coque pendant.

CountryGirlCityLife    26 November 08    #

thanks :) and i’m still a fan of your store. especially any of your tags that are a bit evil!

SwanDiamondRose    26 November 08    #

i wouldnt “attack” someone’s bag with a sticker, some dont know, some are in denial, and some just dont know better.

pret a porter p    26 November 08    #

ya i’m not suggesting you do. sort of the opposite. just posting an interesting find :)

SwanDiamondRose    26 November 08    #


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