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Oh interesting twist on the Louche, is that to wear it as a cross-body (messenger) bag? Or is the person simply really really tall.. :D
(I’m actually too short to carry my Louche by the braided strap, so when I want to give my shoulder a break, I use the bronze rings as handles; it’s quite comfortable that way. :)

elle s'ennuie    24 June 09    #

i agree the rings make great handles too. i’ve thought of using them for wristlet handles.

and yes the client wanted a messenger style handle for her Louche. making a long braid was really fun. it sort of hints at a style i’ll have coming up for fall.

i actually wanted to ask you, i can’t match you to your real name in my sales. as in, i don’t know what country you are in. and i wanted to put it on my sidebar. can you tell me your country if you don’t mind my putting it in the sidebar?

SwanDiamondRose    24 June 09    #

I love it. Extreme braid. The braided handle is the detail that gets the most compliments, I find!

Anabela    25 June 09    #

Yep, I don’t mind; I’m in Estonia :)
(Sorry about not replying sooner, I was away for almost a week and only had computer access once!)

elle s'ennuie    30 June 09    #

funny, extreme braid indeed. i never stop loving those braids. i’m glad it gets attention on your tote :)

no worries elle s’ennuie. i’ve added it now :)

SwanDiamondRose    5 July 09    #


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