i left out a lot of items from my round of Ebay purchases. sort of out of lazyness at not wanting to collage them together and sort of out of not wanting to come clean? not sure. but here is the lot, plus-minus a few.

i think the overall look of it is a bit deceptive. the patterns i plan to make quite differently than they are in the photos. and of course with the clothes, it really is about how you put it all together. i still don’t know how i am so addicted to 80s preppy stuff. i mean seriously. and i’m not into the passed boho thing though some of these items might evoke it.

a better explanation of the items and how i want to make/wear them… clockwise from top left.

tassled loafers, a classic, and i’m going to wear them like tasselled loafers! t-shirt dress pattern, probably to be made in black or white. camisole pattern, i just love this, i’ll probably make the one in the lower left side in white. i got a camisoley/corset pattern too, it’s not on here, but will probably make that in florals with a dark background. i really want to wear tiny 80s [and maybe 70s] style floral pieces with simpler, stark 90s pieces this year, like the high-waist black denim skirt coming up later. those are Etienne Aigner sandals, i am fixated on that brand too. i didn’t win them, they went for a lot, i just love them though. i did win the Etienne Aigner bucket bag, i hope it’s nice, it’s so hard to tell from the photo. and next are the 28×34, 70s, flared, dark denim, deadstock jeans. i hope they fit too, i am more a 26 but sometimes a 28 is fine with shrinking, and they were a steal. little 80s buckle boots, i really want to wear these with skinny jeans, denim skirts and dresses this summer. i got so fed up with trying to win cute shirts that i just got a pattern for a buttondown 80s men’s shirt. i don’t plan to wear my hair quite as feathered though, ahem. a little 70s/80s trench jacket, very close-fitting, very cute. i love this next one, a black leather dirndl corset thingey. i want to wear it over an oversized t-shirt, sort of play with it in ways it wasn’t originally intended to be worn. and another men’s shirt pattern, this one has a slight western influence. i really look forward to mixing/matching patterns and florals and plaids and some horsey fabric i have too in the different panels of these shirts. ok these next high tan boots, well they were sort of a mistake, but i LOVE them. i thought my offer wouldn’t be accepted but it was. i see them worn with the t-shirt dress and i want them for product photos too. the next pattern is for a wedding dress but i see it really differently. maybe without the sleeves, short, and with the lace inset but perhaps a grey jersey fabric. something like that, i am excited to figure it out. then another western influenced shirt but a ladies version which is also a dress. i’ll do the same with this one, mix/match florals and panels of colour. a horse photo print windbreaker i didn’t even bid on because you have to stop somewhere but i like it. and my favourite! a black high-waist Calvin Klein denim skirt. this is something i see some of my tiny floral tops going with.

phewph! and in support of my little guilt laden freakout here. i didn’t actually spend that much, surprisingly. i seem to have a whole new spring wardrobe. and it’s vintage. a pretty organized freakout i’d say.

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oh my , i love horsies!

lady coveted    6 March 08    #

yep, you have been busy on ebay :) i love the calvin klein denim skirt and those boots are perfect.

la_meow    6 March 08    #

Spiffy stuff! All the denim pieces are top-notch and I love all the shoes and bucket bag. I’m having a closet clean-out freak-out, I just posted 20 items on auction.. probably more to come.. :/

unicorns have whiskers    11 March 08    #

things have slowly been arriving at home. very exciting. the jeans fit! got the for $7-! yey.

what is your ebay link unicorns have whiskers?

SwanDiamondRose    13 March 08    #


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