i’ve been blogging for years now! and have realized that i need to change a few things. for example, i think i will add more video. we shall see. but while looking for fresh and wonderful things, this original Emmanuelle film came up on Youtube. not that french adult films from the 70s are the new direction of the blog. it’s just the theme song and opening and i’d say it’s safe for work. the song is so wonderful and so is her dressing gown and her furniture is incredible.

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I saw that movie for the first time this year and I was totally inspired! I took photos off the screen!

liz    23 June 09    #

cool. i saw it a while it ago but remember it as really gorgeous. so lush and chic and 70s. and she looks amazing too.

SwanDiamondRose    23 June 09    #


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