i am so grateful for the beautiful photos you send me with your SWAN bags or clothing. this is from Elle S’Ennuie of A Mouse Upon the Sands.

From blog entry “Where ends and beginnings meet“.

Much xo and thank you Elle S’Ennuie. Your land sure is pretty.

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Lovely! Love the fabulous bag and the gorgeous photo!

SonjaCovets    17 June 09    #

Thank you! As you can see from my last few blog posts, the Louche goes everywhere with me :)

elle s'ennuie    17 June 09    #

thanks SonjaCovets!

and elle s’ennuie, i saw all your photos. amazing! i actually put them in here, but then realized i should space out posting them more. i love them!

SwanDiamondRose    18 June 09    #


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