don’t ask to explain! though i probably will. but i am now back on the west coast. my life is emphatically and unexpectedly about sock garters these days and i had to do whatever i could to take care of SWANclothing as best i could. so here i am. there are some other rather annoying reasons why i am back on the west coast but at the moment all i see is blue sky and sushi!

my temporary view… suburbs you say? not quite but almost!

some random nearby niceties…

soon i’ll have a new yet old victorian pad. i look forward to that. i sort of feel like a sewing hobo. my situation is so mobile that sometimes i wonder if i should just keep going. hmmm.

i also wanted to say a huge thank you to the clients who waited extra time for their orders while i moved back here. the sweetness of you all out there continues to blow me away. and if i don’t answer all your kind notes that come in with your orders {i try to!} i just wanted to say thank you amazing people you make me so very happy!!!

i have some new designs coming and as promised totes….. orders always do come first but i really want to share these new designs with you.

ok, much {big!} xo to you all. sorry for lack of blogging, apart from endless sock garterizms, i’ll be around a bit more now.

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