i haven’t thrifted in a while. and i think it is affecting me. i guess i haven’t completely done away with my shopping impulse. and i started to obsessively watch items on eBay. and buy them! it’s only been a couple items mind you. but i bypassed all my rules. like- do i actually have this item on a wishlist, does it have resale value, etc.

for example. i just won this. a purse bracelet. it’s not silver. i just love it. i don’t know why! weird!

i did got into a bidding war over a trench coat [a wishlist item]. i bailed at the last minute. the thrill of bidding was almost [almost] as good as bidding & winning. for a while. but now i fully regret not trying a little harder!

what i am getting to is this. when i really want something. when i see it and that “want” sets in. i start imagining myself wearing it. all the things it will go with i already have, and how it will make them easier to wear! i imagine myself walking down the street in this item. like some ridiculous hair salon commercial. “oh! life is so easy in my new trench coat. la di dah!” seriously.

so i was wondering… do you do this? if so- how do you obsess over items you want? i can’t imagine i am the only one out there.

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i do do that as well. sometimes even, that i am imagining life with desired item no.1 and how it would coordinate so well with desired items no.2 and no.3 and all will be well with the world! usually i get over it by trying the item on in the store (something i’m never eager to do) and somehow it often turns out the item doesn’t suit me at all. and then all is truly well with the world and my wallet :P

hoyan    24 April 07    #

ebay is particularly bad for the fantasy items. it’s just peppered with Special Items that would infect everything within a meter radius with sparkling incandecent awesomosity. especially the ones that I Will Never Have The Chance To Buy Or Probably Even Ever See Again. the shipping is what usually brings me back to the sad truth that i already have seven times more than i need.

sarah    26 April 07    #

what i have done to control myself is have no $ in my paypal. then to transfer it takes too long! so i don’t bid. but there is a trench coat….

SwanDiamondRose    26 April 07    #


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