i always feel pretty disenfranchised. like some teenage phase that never ends. never comfortable with where i live but loving the whole world. it makes the internet a perfect home no? it’s also just what a lot of us feel as a global culture i think. i could relate to this blog entry from I LIKE TO FORK MYSELF, for reasons that may not be obvious. though i’m not sure if growing up ever really happens. you just keep growing.

speaking of confusion. what is this Black Rain movie? i have to see this. what a strange late 80s international action film. this makes my brain cross-eyed. and, friends, brace yourself for the music.

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dude, that video should come with a seatbelt.

sjw    14 July 09    #

black rain? with Michael Douglas??? one of those cult it’s so bad it’s great movies ;-)

Kankalin    14 July 09    #

i was actually looking for black and white movies with rain in them. i got this. it stuck. i have to see it.

SwanDiamondRose    14 July 09    #

well not technically black and white, adn perhaps not the right era either, but regardless a must see:

Kankalin    14 July 09    #

nice. you know i’ve only seen pieces of this. not sure why. i have so many movies to catch up on. especially new ones.

SwanDiamondRose    14 July 09    #

You said it, dude. Wish we could live wherever we wanted; where is my anonymous benefactor?

I’m in a coffeeshop so I can’t listen to the music, but Gregg Allman says it all. I found this:
but it might be expired. :/

andrea    16 July 09    #

nice! that poster. my god. i have to love it. i think i want to make my site a place where we can exchange links to most excellent films. look at this site for decades worth of underground, international, art films, etc. i love it.

it’s legal too. bonus!

SwanDiamondRose    16 July 09    #


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