well still true to my name i guess, i am loving diamonds, but also pearls & florals & black leather for fall. grey leather too. glossy braids. glossy braided leather. and still, braided hair. endless flowing locks, tight curls, loose curls, hair piled high. lace. black lace and nude lace. still loving crisp white shirts. ties. the palest of pinks. androgyny. the trench thing continues, i am having my favourite trench shortened for fall. just some crazy regal shiny fantasy of some never never world. establishment & decay, finery & raw resources. and turquoise. thick turquoise satin. folded over and over and reflecting the light. transparent turquoise chiffon. turquoise is burning in my brain like the little centre of a flame it is.

Diamonds & Pearls, Prince 1991

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