for wardrobe_remix & a pile of other excellent flickr wardrobe groups. all is thrifted in the last year, the tote just last week. except the jeans! oh… and the t-shirt is Mark’s. given? lended? hmmm? the blouse is 80s and beautifully cut. i should have a close-up of the details but don’t. i love it. the shoes are wine leather 80s brogues.

today i was shopping for more SWANclothing tote fabric. i love lavender! i want a lavender tote!

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I love it. Want it!

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i was only in Miami briefly, a few years ago. i really loved it. billowy warm night winds. coloured laser beams cutting through the sky. getting my outfits right… or trying [i wore a lot of rhinestones]. i always want to go back. and seeing Susie’s StyleBubble blogs about her trip there, i want to go back even sooner. i had a little time to check out thrift stores and with Miami’s particular take on style, the stores were sparkly playpens.

so basically this is a reblog. the vintage stores and areas Suzie checked out should really go on any Miami-bound thrift shopper’s list: Lincoln Road Challenge & On the fringe.

Both photos also from StyleBubble. Thank you Susie :)

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it’s been forever since i have done a thrift post. but i think these 2 items really deserve it.

the 1st is a gift to Leah to thank her for modeling in my STRAIGHT Mini tote photos. [this is most likely wrecking the surprise but i can’t help myself.] it’s a 60s knit maxi dress. the best video game-esque pattern. fitted on top. turtleneck. matching belt with brass buckle. wow.

and this! i found myself thinking about it. i found myself regretting not buying it the 1st time around. and i found myself standing in front of it a 2nd time. then it just came home with me! perfect for over winter coats and oversized sweaters. simple, brilliant design. very adjustable. amazing.

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i’ve learnt the strangest thing on the internet. people are nice. really nice. and honest. it makes the few who are dishonest [in terms of dealing with them with sales] look pretty foolish, i mean why bother? and of course there are filters on sites like eBay and systems that enforce fair dealings. but when people start sending me things in the mail just because i complimented it in a flickr photo? i am astounded. some people call it swapping, i call it a niceness attack. so they send me something and i send them something… and it’s just so DARN NICE! some people don’t even want anything in return, it’s just a PIF, a “pay it forward” as i had to be taught.

i already wrote about the amazing jeans sjwhidden sent me. i am slowly compiling my return swap to her. and the very far out ring
from Trevira that i swapped for a gold horse necklace. the swan gift from le robo. the pompom socks that made me so happy from Vlada, who i then sent 2 SWAN t’s. and now cakeybabes has sent me this incredible acid wash skirt! so i am thrifting around for a return swap for her.

there’s more too! i haven’t taken pics yet but i sent MEMPHIS DIME a SWAN bunny t. it didn’t fit him but Vlada likes it :) and i can’t even believe what he sent in return. a full on niceness attack! so i will post about them next week. AND also the PIF situation of some sweet little hedgehogs :)

and it’s not that i get all this “stuff”, it’s that there is this friendly, spirited, playful thing going on. and i love when i send something to someone that they also adore and i make them happy. and of course there are extensive groups on flickr for this. i can’t blog them, the internet is too big! but they are easy to find :)

here’s the acid wash skirt from cakeybabes… followed by 2 of my thrift scores this week. a pleated, striped, above-knee skirt from the 80s and an insanely bright fuchsia Minnie Mouse sweatshirt!

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i bought this on eBay from Miss Dandy. [Miss Dandy has a very cute banner.]

i want to make myself a pretty regular classic hoodie. and i don’t want to buy it at American Apparel. i bought a few things there this summer already. AND i found some amazing fuchsia sweatshirt fabric at a thrift store. a pile of it. and i found a deadstock fuchsia zipper too! so i am going to make myself a long skinny hoodie with it.

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more gorgeous colours are infiltrating my wardrobe. i think some sort of combination of style & colours is finally starting to make sense to me. it goes something like- i like a couple of slices of really bright colour with more neutral tones. and i still seem to be mixing really classic [uptight?] 80s/90s pieces with obnoxiously bright 80s preppy stuff. something like that. oh, and denim of course. i seem to have some denim on every day.

some bagged finds…

you can see them better in my Flickr stream.

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sorry for my absence. i am on a take-it-slow week or two here. but not to let this blog stop entirely i finally want to address this topic. green!

i’ve been thinking of how to address it. you can make it so complicated. but this is how i feel in simple terms.

i make things and sell them. and profess to be interested in sustainability. which seems to be a bit of a contradiction. so i do my best. i use vintage & thrifted fabrics. i make everything myself. and am moving towards using organic fabrics. i work hard to keep the quality of my items high so that you aren’t dumping them in a year. and i also think of design in terms of having a lengthy and hopefully lifelong appeal for you.

industry won’t stop, and stopping wouldn’t actually solve anything. and we do need things. not as many things as we often now desire. so we all make a shift, the bigger the better. and i am talking on a consumer level. and also taking into consideration that this “shift” is in itself a luxury that some people can’t afford. governments and large companies need to make their shift too, addressing this on many levels, addressing fair labour situations and countries economies that are being exploited and more. so that there is a trickle down and it isn’t a stress on consumers alone to enforce these changes.

on a personal level. i buy less overall. i don’t really want to own a lot of things. i do indulge myself with clothing, so i buy mainly thrifted items. i mean 90%. if i buy a new item, i try to have it fit as many good categories as possible- know where it comes from and that the labour practices there are not exploitative, preferably buy from local & independent businesses, know that there is low toxicity involved in making it, that it is of a high quality and will last a long time, that i can recycle it or donate it when i am done with it. i try to think of myself as a babysitter of an item that i come to own, and think what care will be involved in its lifecycle.

i did buy some jelly flats a few weeks ago though, those things are like a five alarm fire of environmental no-nos. so i do screw up but i’m working on it.

so nothing new here. but wanted to say where i was with all this.

here is a more detailed take on this issue-

and now i really need to share this…

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recent thrift finds-

here is another photo of that little yellow bag i had in my Style Lovies. i just wanted to show all the crazy little pockets, there are even more inside. and a very tight & cute neon pink fitted fierce-kitten 60s cardigan. it looks as big as the oversize items but isn’t. and 70s/80s preppy oversized striped terry cloth shirt with tiny sleeve pocket. and a very cropped 80s yellow sweater [hard to tell it is cropped in photo but is] with huge cowl neck which comes down and hugs your shoulders.

just wanted to mention again how i am really loving brights paired with neutrals. especially tan or khaki. it’s so ugly-beautiful. and i love elaborate delicate items mixed with blunt bright finds like the little yellow bag here.

the cowl neck sweater is going to look great layered over a long tank and with a tight denim pencil or mini skirt, flats and huge tote. the pink cardigan is inspiring all types of layering thoughts. under my shrunken denim jacket. or just layered over a long black tank, black skinny jeans and black flats. hair in a low little ballet bun. maybe with a fitted trench coat over it all since the weather keeps getting cold here.

something about the 80s and ballet is tickling my brain. the dream continues…

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this morning i woke up to 3 yes 3! packages in the mail. i couldn’t believe it. miss sjwhidden of cheap opulence sent me these jeans-of-my-dreams 70s/80s pierre cardin legs-that-go-on-forever wideleg denim babies. and then included a rose pin! a diamondy pin! and a ‘Little My’ Moomin reflector! [i love the Moomintrolls] swoon! thank you so much miss sarah :) i am on the hunt for some great swap returns :) for you.

then… my 80s Lollipop flats from the Winnipeg eBay seller syn-x arrived. and i love them. AND i got my pattern from eBayer pippinmarsh!

i also bought some new things last week. that is a rare occurance in my life but these yellow jelly flats caught my eye and i was also really craving some gold heart shaped hoops. and ended up getting 2 pairs. one in silver too.

more photos in my flickr stream…

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