sunshine of blog full of jelly made this perfect oxford shirt hack. there is a text tutorial on her site with photos coming soon. i love love love it.

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you know, this floral thing, i’m in pretty deep. my desktop is a mass of floral finds. and i just give in. i’m going to post it all. perhaps for fall the flower obsession will wain. we’ll see!

so… here is an amazing 80s shirt i didn’t manage to get on Etsy. i love it. i had visions of wearing it with leggings and great boots. oh well.

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i found this cotton floral tote this week at a thrift store. for $2-. i like it.

a while back my flickr contact ♥ YuMi x PeaCH ♥ asked me “What is the difference between thrift… vintage… antique… consignment…?” and also where to shop for vintage. and this is what i wrote. my answer was so long i think i should probably share it.

“hello! ♥ YuMi x PeaCH ♥, well i don’t know if i’m an expert just an enthusiast, i don’t thrift as a business anymore. i just look in my neighbourhood and town. i go everywhere until i find places i like. the definitions are something like… though i may be off or other people may see it differently-

thrift- a thrift store can be a consignment store, a charity shop or just a thrift store. [it could be church sales too.] so it usually has used clothes, which can also be vintage, though sometimes companies will donate overstock. people say they go “thrifting” meaning looking at a thrift store. if you buy vintage clothes online that’s not really thrifting. if you buy vintage clothes at a store that has already picked through other cheaper thrift places, it’s still thrifting but purist thrifters don’t really see it as thrifting.

vintage- has different definitions, but usually the item has to be 20 years old. now we’re getting to 90s stuff becoming included in that.

antique- i am really not an antique person but there is some time limit on this too, much higher than 20 years.

consignment- that is a store you can take your clothes to and they will sell them for you and give you the money when they sell them. they take a cut. so of course it is also a store you can shop at. there are definitely different demographics of consignment stores. some are very expensive, so even though i included them in the “thrift” definition, the expensive ones, the designer focused ones aren’t thrift stores.”

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i found this beautiful corset at a thrift store…

it’s white cotton and covered in roses AND it fits! bigger here.

and more of my thrifted clothes…

some are SWANclothing too. notes over here if you want more info.

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what a difference the sun makes.

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Sergio Valenti acid wash vintage 80s tote from Etsy. thrifted 80s? 90s? sporty disco type jacket with mucho pockets. thrifted 80s? 70s? mesh tank. AA jeans, hmm.

view large here.

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worked pretty hard to get this pale this winter. [i actually took the main photo of me out, it was bugging me, you can find it in my flickr stream if you want.] this time i’m keeping it. sunscreen for me. besides that it is an absolute pleasure taking a photo in the breezy sunshine.

all thrifted or vintage except my purse i made. i’m excited to have rediscovered this bracelet. i could never figure out how to wear it. it was visually weighted all wrong, but now i love it’s pseudo-engagement ring look, and thin band.

-thrifted cotton eyelet 80s camisole
-thrifted 80s high-waist jeans
-80s Nicole brand flats
-thrifted rhinestone bracelet
-SWANclothing Tiny Rose sweatshirt purse made by me

view large here. click ALL sizes for the superhuge.

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i love mesh. it’s having a little moment.

the SWANclothing TINY ROSE purse…

but look closely at this awesome thrifted mesh tank. and those shorts are 80s and thrifted too. with drawstring high waist, and the brand is Electric Avenue. amazing.

mesh back in another crazy time… when my tank was born i guess…

a 1970 Cosmopolitan cover. i have a love/hate relationship with Cosmopolitan. a new book just came out on Helen Gurley Brown, Cosmopolitan’s editor who created the look it is known for, along with the photographer Scavullo. i might blog that later. scan credit TFS forums.

more on mesh soon!

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i am so hesitant to put photos of me online again. cringing really. but i will soon with my SWAN stuff. so here’s a test run. half a face. unflattering angles. spazticness. a good combo.

.white bustier made by me
.thrifted vintage belt with the BEST details
.thrifted 80s tuxedo front pleated jeans
.thrifted vintage mercenary shirt i STILL WEAR!
.Ebayed 80s ankle boots, my god i love these
.thrifted bow earrings that have an unworn matching necklace
.neon pink thing, that i stare at but don’t actually wear, for inspiration. it’s basically a neon bungee thing with BIG gold blingbling hardware. ya.

view large here.
and view with commentary here :)

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view large here.

yes endless pins hold together this SWANclothing Moonshine Twins tote as the last panel goes in. working on this bag has reminded me how much i like the design. the side and bottom of the bag are actually the handle. and it has no visible seams, either french or serged, or anything. i think i will rework this design for summer.

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