Butterflies, sunshine and the 60s. Themes I will never tire of. So for the SDR readers in NY I wanted to direct you to next week’s free screening of Susan Cianciolo’s new film, “1960s Butterfly Girl.” The short film stars supermodel Frankie Rayder and showcases Cianciolo’s latest couture collection.

The screening takes place at 7 p.m. on June 8 at 21 Mercer Street in New York City, followed by a performance from No Age (the L.A.-based noise-pop duo that scored the movie). The screening is being presented as part of Location, an eight-day fashion/art exhibition and benefit for the Creative Growth Art Center .

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i was looking for some haute eyecandy goody to blog today. a new shoe or bag that caught my eye. and found none!

well what is this blog all about anyway? i love thrifting but i love haute couture and bling? i mean, i believe in sustainablity but i sell stuff…? well i will address these possibly glaring hypocrisies soon. in the meantime, if you are sort of baffled by your own bourgeois or bohemian-bourgeois lifestyle and want to be more so, watch Godard’s 1967 film ‘Weekend’. the next film in my ongoing summer-dressing and vacation-themed film suggestions.

i’m going to keep this simple. this is a fashion blog after all. if you love 60s clothes you will love this film. if you love Godard you will love this film. if you love clothes but hate the consumer culture that has brought us these fashions you will love this film. if you are curious about the evolution of consumer culture you will love this film. if you like lots of car crashes involving old french automobiles and are a bit morbid or decadent and don’t mind blood you will love this film. if you like a lot of bad attitude you will love this film. if you have a love/hate relationship with all or some of these things you will love this film.

[this is possibly the best film screenshot ever.]

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it used to be my favourite thing. to be the passenger on a roadtrip. short or long. just drive away…

in Antonioni’s 1975 movie The Passenger, the scenario is a little more complicated but nevertheless involves some roadtripping, Maria Schneider (of Last Tango in Paris), Gaudi’s architecture (my favourite), locations in Spain, England, Germany, Algeria, a very sparse yet inspiring weekender bag, and Jack Nicholson as the journalist David Locke who takes on the identity and life of an international gunrunner.

the original tagline was “I used to be somebody else…but I traded myself in.” well, a new identity would be the ultimate vacation but i’d be happy with the contents of Maria Schneider’s weekender and a trip to Barcelona.

click on these itsy bitsy thumbnails if you so please…

a few entries back i made a wishlist of essential summer items: Summer Simple. Schneider’s wardrobe isn’t my ideal but she wins in terms of simplicity. i love the complete lack of pretense and effort in her mismatched combinations. and the sexy relaxed fit of all of the items, that IS an ideal of mine. and you know really it isn’t the clothing it’s her attitude. and she has great curly hair!

the film is so worth watching. as described by the Village Voice’s J. Hoberman, it’s a “leisurely thriller”. and it is. make sure you get the rereleased DVD with Jack Nicholson’s beautifully dry rambling voiceover.

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“stills” from Pietro Germi’s 1964 film “Seduced & Abandoned” or “Sedotta & Abbandonata”. also the director of “Divorce Italian Style”. both of these are gorgeous, amazing & hilarious movies. [it’s actually a trilogy but i have only seen these 2]. at first i just thought he was spoofing the morals of the times. but there is more to it. and strangely relevant again. forget the Sopranos! watch this.

and this actress is so lovely. Stefania Sandrelli. she is in both of them. they make me want to wear simple black [almost wiggle] dresses and little black flat shoes. they make me want black hair.

oh, and you have to read the subtitles!

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ok so what is actually risky here is talking about how i just watched Risky Business and loved it. i feel only partial shame, it is cool. Rebecca De Mornay in her simple, expensive callgirl outfits, Tom Cruise’s preppy friends’ wardrobes. all the elements are there- puff sleeves, dropwaists, french braids, even a little gangster chic.

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well here it is. the coat. Kay Corleone [Diane Keaton] is sneaking a visit to her children. hugging them as much as she can before that Al Pacino guy shows up. she doesn’t quite make it. her coat is gorgeous. she never quite manages to close the 2nd button on the belt. all i can say is this coat is so gorgeous.

hey! and get this. i was watching The War of the Roses. and there is a scene taking place in the 1970s. and Kathleen Turner [this woman was built to wear 80s power suits][this is really irrelevant but i was in her house in the Hamptons and she owns a wicked rocking horse][okay back to the 70s coat…] is wearing the exact same coat sold by Ebay’s MamaStone 2 weeks ago. it went for around US$250. and what a coat is was! oversize plaid with a faux fur edged hood. cute!

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ok. maybe i am just obsessed. but here are the last of my joyce davenport Hill Street Blues posts.

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ok time for those photos of joyce davenport a.k.a. veronica hamel of the 80s NYC cop show Hill Street Blues.

to quote Lt. Ray Calletano, of the same show of course, “that woman has fire!”. and to quote Sgt. Philip Esterhaus, “that woman has the most handsome carriage.” i agree with both.

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i love braids, especially french braids & so many variations on them. my first braid post was The Triumph of Minerva frescoes.

and carrying on the french braid tradition with a bit of grit and bling and just as much femininity- the Sopranos’ Adriana {Drea deMatteo}.

maybe with a bit too much grit here. this is the episode where she was in the car crash. anyway, i miss her character.

p.s. are french braids actually french? where do they come from? is this a horse thing? i mean have you seen what they do to showhorses tails? which i love too actually.

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ok i can’t just go on and on about pretty things, medieval finery, victorian dresses! there is more to the story. a cheap, raw, tasteless, rocked out thing. a cheap, raw, tasteless thing like Sudden Impact. the 1983 Dirty Harry film that birthed “Go ahead… make my day.”

I mean check these shades-

and check her shades-

and check this outfit with all the elements we are walking around in the past few years- striped shirt, khaki everything, strappy wrap around sandals, dark brown leather studded belt, 3/4 length pants. and yes the pose is ridiculous, a really lame stunt where she fell off her bike, in front of Clint Eastwood and his sidekick “Horace” the bulldog. you know a series is going down the tubes when the hero has a dog sidekick.

and here her slouch bag-

and finally this awesome 80s western influenced shirt-

i love you Mr. Clint Eastwood, and some day i will figure out how to get The Good, The Bad & The Ugly in this here blog.

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