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Audrey falls asleep while baking and dreams herself into Cakeland. Then Devil’s Food Cake steals away Angel Food Cake during her wedding to Ginger Bread Man [after they met in the Garden of Eatin’]. And Cop Cakes and Animal Crackers come to the rescue! Not to mention the cupcake parade through town, Cake Walk and Pastry Bar cancan girls. This is probably the cutest pastry themed animation I have ever seen. A pre Valentine’s treat <3

View animation here.

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I must be the last person on the planet to see this, and this must have been blogged and Nylon-ed, and cool magged to death though I missed that too. I think I just played it 8 times. These girls look so good, with each of the 4 girls having their own 80s style. The cast includes Cherie Currie of The Runaways, and Scott Baio. And is shot in a perfect romantic haze by Adrian Lyne who I love/hate [Flashdance, Fatal Attraction, 9½ weeks, Lolita], the music is by that king of disco Giorgio Moroder. Too beautiful. If I had seen this when I was young I would have definitely related to how they lived- the divorced parents, the pile of sweet girlfriends, the running around in the night in the city. I found this Roger Ebert review of it from back in the day too… “The movie’s a rare attempt to provide a portrait of the way teen-agers really do live today in some suburban cultures.” Though their lives and setting seem very urban I would say. Besides all that, it also makes me remember the appeal of pale pink satin. Pale pink satin! Sigh.

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because i am all sock garter talked out. at least momentarily. i hope i didn’t overdo it on twitter during my sale. if i did, thanks for putting up with the endless broadcast. and thanks to all who visited the little shop! it went really well, and i’m so happy. i’m having a Valentine’s sale soon. yup. and it’s going to start all over again. in the meantime, i bring you, kittens…

and don’t forget the Royale kittens I just blogged.

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i can’t seem to pack more today, so i offer you pretty non sequiturs… i love this ad so much. and the copy is so beautifully blown out. i remember it from when i was a kid. fluffy white kittens, sunlight and fresh cascading, bouncing rolls of toiletpaper!

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what happened to my vintage denim bloggings? what happened to me wearing vintage denim?! i’ll get back on that. in the meantime…

Anvil. just watched the documentary and took this screenshot. this movie is ouch! but i couldn’t blink.

and Gloria Vanderbilt. and a herd of bums in her designer denim. such a funny contrast.

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hmmm. i never thought to look up bo derek in menswear. but here she is looking cute. and what a funny life she had. running away at 16 to Germany with John Derek, her to be husband, so he wouldn’t get charged because of her age. she was the 3rd of his wives… first Ursula Andress, then Linda Evans. they all looked exactly alike. except each being younger than the other. imagine what fantastic new fun cloning will bring.

and Yentl, i forgot all about this Barbara Streisand film until now. and I don’t think I’ve seen the whole thing. it’s about a young woman who wants to study but being a woman at that time she isn’t allowed, so she dresses up as a boy. AND it’s a musical. i was sort of a snob about Barbara Streisand. but now i love her. i swear it’s her nails. i’m the same about Dolly Parton. that and both have a beautiful laugh and moxy galore.

this Yentl trailer is great, not sure how i mean that but i do. the love triangle is sweetly deranged.

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Nastassja Kinski, 1989, by David Mcgough.

My birthday is coming so soon. I love it but it is still sending me for a bit of spin. Like walking on ping pong balls. But I love seeing more and more photos of “older women”, the street shots by The Sartorialist especially, he captures some striking, strong, sexy Italian women so well, paparazzi shots of an “older” Kate Moss [I know, I know, she is hardly “older” but any age in women has been so thoroughly hidden before and still is in her campaigns for example]. I have actually been pretty obsessed by this “older woman” idea for a while. As in “what do they know?”, “what are there lives really like?” And then just the look fascinates me.

When looking up some information on Nastassja Kinski, her birth date on Wikipedia is unconfirmed. As much as I like the truth about everything being told, I like mystery too. It is almost impossible to have an unconfirmed birth date now.

Anyway, I have been a fan of her’s forever. And wanted to share these Japanese modeling photos of her from when she was 13, and a few other photos too.

I love this softly belted oversize trench, because yes i love trenches.

In a bear suit in The Hotel New Hampshire by Tony Richardson, 1984.

Thank you to my amazing online friend nicolas cage vampire teeth for the modeling photos and reminding me how incredible Ms. Kinski is.

So… how old will I be? I’m not telling!

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when i think of a film with my favourite interiors i think of The Man Who Fell To Earth. they are simply my favourite interiors ever. raw, sometimes really raw, huge spaces, all decades of style juxtaposed but minimized. each room is different and transitions abruptly into the next. a bed hanging from the ceiling. 70s photographic murals. chandeliers. huge screens. black & white animal themed “victorian” wallpaper. thickly carved dark wood furniture.

it’s a beautiful movie. and David Bowie is so beautiful in it. but it is so sad. and not sure if i recommend stirring your drink with a gun but i think it is a lot more interesting than most cocktail making instructions. video here & here.

i’m now off to get my shortened trench coat! and home to sew for fall!

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well still true to my name i guess, i am loving diamonds, but also pearls & florals & black leather for fall. grey leather too. glossy braids. glossy braided leather. and still, braided hair. endless flowing locks, tight curls, loose curls, hair piled high. lace. black lace and nude lace. still loving crisp white shirts. ties. the palest of pinks. androgyny. the trench thing continues, i am having my favourite trench shortened for fall. just some crazy regal shiny fantasy of some never never world. establishment & decay, finery & raw resources. and turquoise. thick turquoise satin. folded over and over and reflecting the light. transparent turquoise chiffon. turquoise is burning in my brain like the little centre of a flame it is.

Diamonds & Pearls, Prince 1991

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this is pretty. his hair is bleached white blond. and he is wearing what looks like a fitted black cowboy shirt with silver metallic embroidery, and a see thru black mesh t-shirt underneath, aviator shades and skin tight black jeans. plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose. you have to watch a lot of moustachiod guitarists to get to mr. reed but i like them too.

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