i love these and want them but it’s not going to happen. maybe you would like some new wave white and pastel cowgirl boots…

from Learn To Read Vintage on Etsy. [i love Etsy!] of course the ridiculous thing is i kind of hope you don’t buy them. i still want them!

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i LOVE this photo and model and dress so much. photo by Dazed Digital contributor Kasia Bobula. knitwear dress by Mark Fast. from Style Bubble entry It’s All in the Grain…

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doesn’t Miss Meow look great?!

and i don’t see any of these items there at the moment but La Meow has an
Etsy store i love.

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can you see what i like for spring?

Cacharel Spring Collection

the forever effervescent Susie of Style Bubble in floral print pants!

so yes, what do i like? tiny flowers and clashy bits! [clashy bits sounds like a Susie phrase.] more previews soon…

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from Kanye West’s blog [even though he says really crazy things or because he does] which i like very much…


and to furnish your shiny cube treehouse hotel room… a beautifully
stretched chair… by Sebastian Brajkovic

from Kingdom of Style

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I’m a member of IFB, Independent Fashion Bloggers, a site created by Jennine of The Coveted. If you have a fashion blog maybe you would like to join.

And every week they include a blog entry of mine, in exchange for my publishing all the links… This weeks list is HUGE!

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this is about as far as you can get from what i do. it’s wrong! i love it!

much thanks to my wonderful Flickr friend Trevira!

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i’m collecting the prezzies to give to the friendz & famileez! and my baby cyborg :)

and i want a GIANT one of these ^ [the Playmobil Super Set Dream Garden] please could you make one for me Mr. Jeff Koons? [note the presence of the swan AND the unicorn AND a gold dragon fountain.] i’d be pretty happy to keep my jewellery in one of these too.

or heck, keep me in it.


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i love the outfit, especially the boots & bumbag. that bumbag is amazing.

scanned from October 2008 TUNE magazine.

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via f&art the “This Bag is a Fake“ activist kit. just in case throwing nuclear jello on fur wearing fashion aficionados wasn’t enough! get sticker happy with suspected faux bag infractions! hmmmm. dunno about all that but still an interesting guerrilla type kit.

and for the other side…

the “i am NOT a FAKE tag“ by La Coque. who i blogged a long whiles back

heck! wear them BOTH on your tote and keep them guessing!

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