when i think of a film with my favourite interiors i think of The Man Who Fell To Earth. they are simply my favourite interiors ever. raw, sometimes really raw, huge spaces, all decades of style juxtaposed but minimized. each room is different and transitions abruptly into the next. a bed hanging from the ceiling. 70s photographic murals. chandeliers. huge screens. black & white animal themed “victorian” wallpaper. thickly carved dark wood furniture.

it’s a beautiful movie. and David Bowie is so beautiful in it. but it is so sad. and not sure if i recommend stirring your drink with a gun but i think it is a lot more interesting than most cocktail making instructions. video here & here.

i’m now off to get my shortened trench coat! and home to sew for fall!

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i didn’t think blue would come into the colours i was playing with this summer, but it is. so as a preview to blue…

Porcelain dress & beer cans by Li Xiaofeng.

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“Porca Miseria!” chandelier by ingo maurer. photo by my friend sabocracy.

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the Richard Hutten cloud chair. a shiny peaceful big cloud? i love this chair. i wonder if it’s comfortable.

more pics going up today of SWAN totes in progress. this year i promised myself i’d make easier pieces. well, i seem to be starting on the harder end of that deal. ahem. the Tiny Rose tote is driving me crazy but is looking beautiful. more soon…

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gold Prada platform sandal via Style.com

and a room from Barbie’s Real-Life Malibu Dream House…

the chandelier is made from blonde “hair”.

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from Kanye West’s blog [even though he says really crazy things or because he does] which i like very much…


and to furnish your shiny cube treehouse hotel room… a beautifully
stretched chair… by Sebastian Brajkovic

from Kingdom of Style

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they should re-issue this baby. so nice. found @ BibliOdyssey.

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hmmmm. well here’s something else with wings, besides brogues of course.

a pegasus latte! i just want to know if it does soy lattes too. from MAKE.

and get this, last night i spilled COFFEE all OVER 2 fully cut, fully stenciled totes. OUCH. coffee good – coffee bad. le sigh…

P.S wow. i just went through their OnLatte blog, you can take a photo and have it printed directly on your coffee, or draw something to be put immediately on your coffee too.

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this is so brief. i am recovering from working too many all-nighters and still have a small pile of orders to go. it’s funny, it’s not actually that i have hundreds of orders over here. it’s just that each tote takes a fair amount of time.

but here is something i often think about and have for a long while. i am starting to have those “i want a sweet space” feelings again, instead of studio-work-vault tricked out with laptop/sewing machine/tripods that i never leave. and in this sweet space i would love some antique Black Forest furniture. i love animal carvings in wood but i’m pretty specific. i don’t really like cute. i like austere, mysterious, mythical, gentle, majestic and a little naive. at least for this. and in dark woods, old endlessly rubbed woods, and Bog wood. my favourite. it’s black, just like it shared space with some dinosaurs in a tar pit.

here is a small example. a hand carved Victorian/Edwardian era deskbox [or casket].

Box information and photo credit here.

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this isn’t a very fleshed out blog entry. more like- floralled out. but i think Chloe Sevigny and Oscar Wilde make a perfect pair. both artist demi-mondaines, a part of the underground and the “upper-class”, individuals and enfants terribles. i love how they both have a reverence for what looks like conservative values and aesthetics but really cater to their opposite. both have made and are making the world a prettier, smarter, frivolous and more honest place. i wish i could do better with my description but i have to sew!

i want to share this with you- “A lecture delivered in America during Wilde’s tour in 1882. It was announced as a lecture on ‘The Practical Application of the Principles of the Aesthetic Theory to Exterior and Interior House Decoration, With Observations upon Dress and Personal Ornaments.‘ The earliest date on which it is known to have been given is May 11, 1882.”

and this wonderful book The House Beautiful: Oscar Wilde and the Aesthetic Interior by Charlotte Gere. Here is an outtake from a review by Grady Harp.

“Charlotte Gere has researched the Aesthetic Movement in England at the turn of the century and attributes the style and popularity of the ‘new look’ in home decor to Wilde and his entourage. From paintings to furniture to wallpaper to fabric to book design – all the art nouveau trends were at times created by Wilde and at other times merely popularized by him on his numerous tours. The book is resplendent in illustrations of paintings, homes, photographs, and a lot of just fine biographical data about Oscar Wilde. A thoroughly informative and entertaining slant on The Importance of Being Oscar!”

and Chloe Sevigny’s contributions? well her apartment was featured in the January 2007 issue of House & Garden. sadly this magazine is no more. here is a bedroom and the entry way in her New York apt. not what i expected and so perfect. i love it.

here are all the scans from that article. then there is Ms. Sevigny’s new line of clothing. not to mention her acting and styling skills too!

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