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SwanDiamondRose: miscellaneous beauty


Rest in Peace Daul.


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i especially love the phrase about learning to write sales letters in prison… and the trenchcoat with matching hat… and the funny girl drinking soda i assume with that HUGE PINK BOW.

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sleeping lioness by kozyndan.

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officially called “Armulet Monster” Python Dual Cuffs by Marsha Chun-Matsubara. i love these. found through Nubiasnonsense.

my love of trenches is out of control forever. if you follow my bloggings you know. so… this combines my medieval minimalist lovings and trench obsession too. how gorgeous, and perfect and unexpected. by iris van herpen and via Style Child.

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well still true to my name i guess, i am loving diamonds, but also pearls & florals & black leather for fall. grey leather too. glossy braids. glossy braided leather. and still, braided hair. endless flowing locks, tight curls, loose curls, hair piled high. lace. black lace and nude lace. still loving crisp white shirts. ties. the palest of pinks. androgyny. the trench thing continues, i am having my favourite trench shortened for fall. just some crazy regal shiny fantasy of some never never world. establishment & decay, finery & raw resources. and turquoise. thick turquoise satin. folded over and over and reflecting the light. transparent turquoise chiffon. turquoise is burning in my brain like the little centre of a flame it is.

Diamonds & Pearls, Prince 1991

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19th century gold metallic mesh ribbon-art necklace. From Trouvais.

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this is pretty. his hair is bleached white blond. and he is wearing what looks like a fitted black cowboy shirt with silver metallic embroidery, and a see thru black mesh t-shirt underneath, aviator shades and skin tight black jeans. plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose. you have to watch a lot of moustachiod guitarists to get to mr. reed but i like them too.

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i grew up with The Wind in the Willows. this book to me is all soft lullabies & summer breezes. it’s the most reassuring read whose characters happen to include a very sartorial toad, who likes to drink, and drive. actually all the character’s are well dressed, a bit rumpled but well dressed. someone should do a menswear editorial using this book.

i saw these images on my favourite site, BibliOdyssey. i was going to mention it’s spirit lifting qualities but then found peacay, the BibliOdyssey blogger, actually mentioned that…

From my own perspective, the beautifully written adventures of Mr Badger, Mole, Ratty and the inimitable and credulous Toad and their friends, although composed principally as a tale for youth, is equally suitable as a pleasant diversion or panacea for the blues in adulthood.

lemonade. shade. and The Wind in the Willows world. big sigh…

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1. a huge french braid, and a buckled dress from John Willie’s Bizarre magazine.

2. roses with faces from the upcoming Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland film. i really look forward to the clothing in this. but did i miss something, where did Marilyn Manson’s version with Lily Cole as Alice go? or was that just a video?

3. a bathing beauty in seafoam green. look at her beautiful shoes.

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the real hobo bag. i would like to bring this back. a silver stick. a floral fabric for the bag. or more soigne, something dark & elegant. it’s doable. believe me? from the 1989 Policeman & Tramp Playmobil Set 5504.

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