a skirt from La Meow of the dreamy and fantastical clothes! frothy. lacy. see-thru. pale-blue. & teeny tiny pleats! i love it so much. and can’t wait to make an outfit with it. maybe something over black opaque tights or black lace tights, black ankle booties [whether the world tires of them or not!] and then some more black too… thank you La Meow!

followed by… The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. an incredible book. so bright and insightful, so naturally spoken. but i don’t know if i can finish it. it’s too sad. i love this cover. and her dress.

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just a quick note to say that my SWANclothing store is closing December 11th at midnight Pacific Standard Time. i will reopen again early 2010 boxing day (with sweet deals), and my fall/winter items will continue to be available then. you can sign up for notification of the store reopening through my SWANclothing store.

you can always contact me through this blog or my twitter/flickr/facebook pages, i will continue to use them over the holidays. or email me. i am always delighted (!) to hear from you and want to thank everyone for visiting me online and for your continued sweetness and enthusiasm.

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hi everyone. i just wanted to say thanks for the recent blog posts and tweets about the SWANclothing sock garters. i’ll be doing a proper “thanks all!” post and linkage soon.

and i’ve finally updated my LINKS section. which is now a mini links section on my sidebar, with a More… links section within the blog. i don’t know how ideal this is. visually i like it. morally?! not sure. i may revert back to bringing them all to the sidebar again, we shall see. feel free to chime in if you are happy or perturbed.

also, thanks for the people who are following me on my new SWANclothing Facebook page, and new Twitter followers. i feel like i am almost getting the hang of this tweets business.

and… it’s really my friends over at Bento Box who do all the updating around here. including the fabulous delicate reinterpretation of my banner, which was originally created by my sister Katie. this would be just a few of the many people on team Swan. and i wanted to say thank you!

that is an embarrassing amount of thank yous!

oh and thank you to my mom for this photo.

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add me. i will whisper sweet pixellated nothings in your ears. i will fill your eyeballs with tears. you know, the happy kind of tears. xo.

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a drawing from a while back.

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is this about honesty? nudity? not wearing underwear? or the wicked little joke that is the fashion business.

well, i just decided yesterday that i have FINALLY fallen in love with fashion, not just making bags. when i was a teenybopper model i was so arrogant. i remembering taking part in a nightlong fitting with Gaultier, for the next day’s Gaultier show, thinking how much smarter than him i was. why? hey i was a teenager, that stuff is where you get your fire, without it the next generation wouldn’t have a chance. and my friend Nobuhiko Kitamura, the designer for Hysteric Glamour, when he came up with a new textile design [it was a really fucked-up-in-a-good-way bathroom graffiti print] and i was so limp in my response. and i thought the fashion world was a farce. but… Gaultier is obviously a smartypants and a kind, gentle person and Nobu is brilliant and passionately obsessed with his work. duh! and better yet, in their own way, total outcasts. the fashion world is a sweet sanctuary for outcasts. i mean not all the details of the madness filter down when you have your copy-of-a-copy shoe, bag, outfit. but at the center, most of those clothes, they came from a crazy heart.

so now i’m in love. the more i make these bags, the more i get pulled in. and i don’t mean i want to shop for piles of stuff. i just want to keep doing what i do. i don’t even know why. but i have to make these bags. i have to make bags for you. sock garters too.

that’s not even what this post is about so i’ll make this PART 1.

and now watch this-

“…look like a clown in that stupid jacket.”

“this is a snakeskin jacket, and for me it’s a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom.”

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i try to be posh but i am just a spaz… possibly a posh spaz.

sometimes i think my voice on my blog is disappearing. it’s been years now. and i have spoken on here in so many ways. at first sort of mysterious, because what else could it be. then background and manifestos and policies and values and explanations. with information about why i care about handmade and the internet and individuality and the herd and sustainablity. and also really sharing other DIY creators that i loved. then i felt the mystery was gone, i had said too much, i had shared too many images of my personal life too. and i got quiet. so i focused on posting my SWANclothing creations. i posted images of things i loved. i tried to find a balance between personal and business sharing, i let the latter create boundaries for the first. but i also hesitated to take all the guts and blurts of my crazy life out of this, so i didn’t. i moved away from craft a bit, i moved towards fashion. where do i fit? how do i fit? i wondered. and wandered. and sewed. and then i found some place in the middle of fashion and craft and thrift and shiny bright new thing lust and technology. so here i am.

and you?

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Bryan Boy posted it, and i lifted it. because it strikes home home home…

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view large here.

i still thrift of course. yesterday i found a pink satin tie. yum! a huge HUGE grey men’s polo t-shirt that i will wear all wrong, and a perfect beautiful black 80s sheer draped top. $8! oh, and i made those pearl drop earrings. the pearls are sort of grey toned.

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