why do i like this outfit & photo. i don’t know why really. it just makes me want to go out there and cause trouble. grrrr de vivre and all that. i like the simplicity. and i love the light jacket on top of the darker colours. and the denim “corset”. and the shoes!

shot in Stockholm by Face Hunter

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this is a reblog via The Suburban Queen. a blog written by a favourite
wardrobe remixer Flickr friend of mine Vasiliisa.

i’m leaving the words up to Vasiliisa, but wanted to show you these lovely shoes and tote by the Finnish designer Minna Parikka.


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so fall. i love it. i’m looking forward to tweeds and colour and brogues and tights and shiny stuff. indeed. and here are a couple items i love-

Lacoste canvas tote, Miu Miu spectator pump, Miu Miu suede flat, Alife sneakers [not just these ones, any of them], Derek Lam dress

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back on track jack. 1st up in SWAN vintage sales…

these shoes are delicious.

they are made for walking all over 2007.

off topic but… if you run out of new clothes to impress your boyfriend [or girlfriend]. get a new boyfriend [or girlfriend]. you can even try interchanging the two.

oh! i don’t mean that. oh maybe i do. oh i dunno…

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oh this is the one. from Balenciaga’s Fall 2006 line. please give me this shoe.

photo from Style.com

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i love medieval objects. for example this purse…

{falconer’s bag?, southern Germany, c. 1430}

is that a cityscape of skyscraping cathedrals as a clasp? it is from a German site i can’t read.

and if there is such a thing as medieval lines & design, these shoes have them.

from the Bottega Veneta Fall 2006 show {via Style.com}. all the flourishes are so sparingly used. i love the unnecessary embellishment, the swooping and somehow naive lines, the woven leather, the ratio of foot to shoe & so on.

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i forgot how many people i meet working in a shop. it’s sweet. i also forgot how careful i am with how much attention i give people. men love to talk. to me or the shopgirl whoever she is. it is hard to discern the intentions exactly. through years of practice though i know when to be distant.

i had a funny conversation. a boy came in and tried on a tight pink shirt. he kept covering his chest. and freaking out about his man nipples. he- “i have the biggest man nipples!” me- “um i really can’t get into this! but if you buy a PINK shirt you should just go for it.” i suggested the japanese bandaids Nippless. he got over it. he bought the shirt and a jacket, a vintage tweed bomber. very nice. and we each mentioned our bad jacket habit.

i always feel mildly embarrassed when the transaction is complete. like it was too personal. always best to smooth over the end with useless gestures of putting away pens and staplers. and pretending nothing happened. it’s very important. it was nothing that i have your $$$ now. don’t you see?

your turn…

if you want to see beautiful shoes like this



or this

and you are a fragile urban creature in need of decorative navigational aid meet Pierre Hardy.

this boy looks like an angel and makes t-shirts covered in fantastic filthy beauty. jordan mattos.

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