Yes. an outtake and preview of Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben’s forthcoming film ‘Insensate’, showcasing Gareth Pugh’s award-winning A/W 2008 collection.

watch it move here.

Yes. shoes for the Queen of Heaven from Natacha Marro‘s store [this is a bespoke pair, she does custom work]. blame it on Imelda and Susie Bubble (i found these via the Bubble & i generally blame Imelda for everything shoe these days!).

and this erratic little bobble that showed up via my Google Alerts for SwanDiamondRose. the 18K Rose Gold Pink Sapphire, Black Diamond & Multi-Gem Love Swans Ring. note the presence of “swan”, “diamond” & “rose” in the description. note the absence of good taste (which has never stopped me before). but most interestingly, note the SOLD OUT status. ah the sweet & tangled & mysterious world of shopping.

don’t forget to watch the video. Maybe Not.

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if you follow my bloggings you’ll know that i favour vintage leather goods [shoes & jackets & totes mainly] over new leather goods. for a number of reasons- environmental, $, animals. and i make vegan totes. but over this past year i’ve had so many problems with my vintage shoes i’m not sure it is the way to go anymore. i mean endless polishing [understandable] and gluing [not understandable or at the least not good period] and visits to the shoemaker. so basically i’m using a pile of toxic glue and paying endless small repair bills. so. maybe i should buy NEW SHOES! and buy less shoes, just shoes that last. it still doesn’t solve the leather question. but this is just really irksome and i wanted to bring it up.

full size pic here.

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I want these…

Christopher Kane Spring 2009. via AND via Style Bubble.

It’s the red in them too & the red shoes that I love. I look forward to red again.

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hard not to like things with wings. especially brogues. found these in a google search. don’t know the designer but the photo is by NY photographer Hubert J Steed, who likes to take photos of window displays and reflections and other NYC eye candy.

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a HUGE jewellery finding from Etsy that I will incorporate into a tote soon. a fat gold rose and it’s 4” high!

and since i mentioned Minna Parrika yesterday, i thought of these “new” vintage shoes of mine i Ebayed.

by Etienne Aigner. i love them. the openweave sides. all the brogue detailing. the tassles! so kitten. Minna Parikka makes a much more colourful version in skyblue & white.

i’m starting to get the hint that i am a bit girly?

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i can’t seem to sew & type! i’m working on 3 stores orders, and then some. so a quick i LOVE these shoes blog.

heck! it’s a gold loafer sandal. how could i not love them. or… is that a golf shoe sandal???

they are “LILY” from Minna Parikka.

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i wanted them so bad…. oh my. it hurt but they were hard won on eBay. check out the guy on the right side behind the fence. if you can’t see him, check him out in my flickr stream.

as for totes! well… i have been making a white cotton 80s-ish bustier to wear in the photos with them. i am SO SEWED OUT! yup. but it is turning out nicely and i am slowly getting there. i also made my new tags and i guess they will be hang tags too. i’ll get some pics of them.

bye for now :)

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so i like this ad.

nice shoes too.

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well everyone else has blogged them. but i love them too. the Balenciaga Spring 2008 dresses. a cross between armour and a summer breeze, or spring breeze! then i added this pic of Chloe Sevigny for good measure in a Jean Paul Gaultier dress and adorable Acne Shoes.

Chloe photo: Page 6 Magazine. Balenciaga photos:

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it’s February. so let’s forget that it’s February. okay?

shoes for Spring 2008. the shoe world has gone so crazy. in such a good way.

chloe / balenciaga / balenciaga / calvin klein

dior / dries van noten / givenchy / isabel marant

lanvin / lanvin / mcqueen / miu miu

nicholas kirkwood / pierre hardy / prada / prada

proenza schoeler / rodarte / rodarte / sonia rykiel

my favourites are the sonia rykiel’s and the gold givenchy’s. and i posted the dries van noten gladiators for the coveted, since she is looking for a pair and i thought these were nice :)

i have to give credit to the TFS thread TFS picks…Favorite Shoes S/S 2008. i can’t link to within that site or i would. it’s a great site and worth joining. if you want me to send you an invite i will.

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