details… some of my vintage slip collection. the pink is a favourite. and for Prêt à Porter P those are my vintage boots that I bought with Marcel of Belle De Jour in mind. a pair of SWANclothing sock garters in White Lace. and I still love, and am sort of proud of the longevity of my SWANclothing Moonshine Twins tote and from SWANclothing in 2007 my Big Bunny Bruiser Tote.

Views photos large here.

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me. favourite vintage 80s western shoes. favourite grey tweed vintage 70s trench coat [love this, will show full length soon]. and striped SWANclothing Louche tote.

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view large here.

SWANclothing sock garters, i made them on a whim. and part of my ongoing fascination with menswear. these are actually a gift for a boy blogger who i guess has the same size calves as me. you can get black, white, cream, white “lace”, latte, baby blue, and pale pink. and thigh high versions. they are made from thrifted recycled leather and stretchy elastic. there are leather bits in the front & back. and a clip for your socks in front. keep those socks up! ages ago Kara aka Porkchop Rules sent me those little metal swans. thank you Kara!

Find them in my SWANclothing store.

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i couldn’t ask for more. softly constructed trenches [anyonewho knows me, knows i have a huge trenchcoat collection], playful skin revelations, buckled bottines. and still smart.

photos via fashionologie.

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a vintage rosebud in resin. two tone, beige and white, flat slingback 80s Ferragamo brogues. both arrived this week, i found them on Etsy. and they found a new home.

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Yet another victim sucked into the unrelenting shoe greed zone of Imelda Matt! Imelda interviews the talented, shoe-designing, liker-of-trains Max Kibardin. And I threw in some questions too!

I should also add that the lovely Imelda gave great quote on the new SWAN items- “…your new bags are HEAVEN!” which I quickly added to my revamped ABOUT SWANclothing & Totes. Thank you Imelda.

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well i found some more pink shoes

Versace Patent Platform Slingback.

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela ruched knit jersey thong.

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i am obsessed with pale pink shoes. why? i really don’t know. i guess it is the sissy in me. i bought the cutest pair of vintage 80s woven flats in a pale pink on Etsy.

i also bought a pair of white 80s lace up boots on Ebay. but i’ll post those later since they aren’t pink!

and i was admiring these Maison Martin Margiela Cut-Out Suede High-Top Sneakers…

which i cannot afford!

i then looked for signs of pale pink awesomeness in any of the Spring 2009 RTW shows. and nothing? isn’t there some strappy, outrageous, stacked, openworked, overworked, quirky, excessively-girly-with-attitude shoe out there? even for me to just print and put on my wall and dream on? help!

and as a floral chaser i just wanted to add this pic from Sally Jane Vintage.

it’s the top part of a vintage 1930’s bathing suit she has now traded. i just love it.

and finally some pink puffy candyfloss clouds and the biggest pony tails ever from the Mac Hello Kitty Collection… meow. meow. meow. meow.

this is working for me on & off, if it doesn’t play for you here is the link.

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shoes from La Meow. absolute beauties!

do i like this song? i do! “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes”…

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image from The Seductive Shoe: Four Centuries of Fashion Footwear.

a 1920s pair of shoes with lipstick and lipstick tube holsters on each side. mmmm hmmmm. most likely custom made for promotional purposes. and the book i found these in is fantastic. shoe fanatics will love it. not only does it cover the evolution of footwear but also covers different demographics within a decade. as in not only focusing on designer shoes but more affordable copies. and it has an interesting Canadian slant. when i think of Canada i don’t think HOT SHOES! but we definitely have our place [which includes Fluevog and Peter Fox].

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