because i really love my 80s Calvins and was just wearing them again for the Seethru tote and Calla tote photos. because i just keep wanting to watch Youtubes of her in the 80s. her eyebrows are greatness!

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cocorosa aka chantal makes me happy! her blog is so fluid and full of life and enthusiasm and new york city. besides that i like her outfits and makings.

chantal and her friend karen messing around in nyc’s lower east side

and if you read that cocorosa entry it mentions her beautifully embellished DIY tights just blogged on

and you know what her blog is really about? following your dreams. trying to find a balance of the things you love and what life hands you. and charging charmingly and fiercely forward. nice.

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i will always love this paired down rockabilly style.

Fionn MacDiarmid from the Male Model’s Streetstyle thread on TFS.

and even though i’m not obsessed with Elvis, I am so fascinated by early photos of him and Priscilla together. all that glossy black hair, bronzed skin, eyeliner. the way they match is eerie and beautiful.

and this photo is by Jonathan Leder.

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simply called nemres, and it’s full of wonderful finds. rose dress here. nemrešpobjećodnedjelje is another of my flickr friends whose style i love. end of story.

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it sort of breaks my heart that my summer bags are going up so late! but c’est la vie. it’s been a crazy spring-summer is all i can say. some of you have written me and asked when more totes are coming, so here is some info. my Calla Lily bags are going up this week. i like them! also this little SWANclothing shirred skirt in this blue rose pattern and another mystery pattern…

…will go up this week too.

i’ve focused on creating some pieces that are a bit less pricey, when these skirts are posted you’ll see what i mean. and the fabric on these skirts is thrifted and vintage. and there isn’t that much of it. what i’m trying to say is, they’re special.

and I actually have around 3 more bag styles after that and some very pretty tops i’m dying to get out. those will be coming over the next few weeks. now that my hand is working, i am using my fingers a lot and thoroughly enjoying it.

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i had to scroll back a bit on the Face Hunter site to find this again, but i love the look of these 2 shirts making a dress

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i found this beautiful corset at a thrift store…

it’s white cotton and covered in roses AND it fits! bigger here.

and more of my thrifted clothes…

some are SWANclothing too. notes over here if you want more info.

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i’m getting really good at these titles i think.

i forgot to blog this wardrobe photo with my new/old Liberty tie.

and then i was reading one of my very favourite blogs the known universe, where [blogger] Jamie reminded me of Tom Wolfe’s dandyisms, for example…

[sorry i don’t have the photo credit for this.]

i don’t know how i went so long with my bloggings of menswear and my wardrobe that incorporates a fair amount of menswear and NOT mention one of my favourite writer’s known for his very particular tailored wardrobe?! he really is a hero of mine.

check out Jamie’s misadventures in NYC and Hong Kong for his organizing of the Stephen Sprouse section of the Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation show, which started as a Stephen Sprouse retrospective at Deitch Projects. Jamie was Stephen Sprouse’s assistant back in the day, and the way his blog reads, it’s like he is one of the few survivors of an 80s fashion ‘nam. i don’t actually read his blog for the fashion, though that’s great too but i read it because he just tells it like it is. and because he loves the beautiful and heroically lippy Deborah who has… just opened an Etsy store…

end of story!

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i wear the clothes i make. it’s so funny to me to wear a dress i made with a purse i made. to have something come out of your head and then wearing it, like a little storybook coming to life. funny little world… but i never like my wardrobe shots. you can find the full outfit in my Flickr stream if you want to seek it out.

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what a difference the sun makes.

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