i especially love the phrase about learning to write sales letters in prison… and the trenchcoat with matching hat… and the funny girl drinking soda i assume with that HUGE PINK BOW.

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i found this amazing t-shirt for a few dollars at a thrift store, hanging all alone from the ceiling in the corner. it’s from the movie Black Dahlia. ok movie, great shirt. the back is all faded in big tan streaks from the sun. it’s so nice.

.thrifted Black Dahlia t shirt
.thrifted vintage men’s shirt
.SWANclothing tote by me!
.thrifted really amazing fat fat 70s tweed tie
.thrifted 90s pinstrupe pants
.90s black ankle booties from etsy

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…and a sexy dude bro with crazy hair.

read the names for his Big Brother Vintage clothing items. they are the best.

I never burned any bridges….I never needed none of them in the first place… for a brown velvet blazer.

How could i be such a fool, i took a wrong turn and now your probably wondering why im here…. for a soft 70s argyle sweater.

Were in the middle of something, something very special….so the very least you should stop and say hello…. for a Levis plaid shirt.

i get so tired of making searchable keywords, tagging things right, bringing all that targeted selling into some beauty and poetry i wanted to share too. and sometimes i ditch it all. but Big Brother is all about that unsearchable whateverness. and it’s perfect. and also coordinates with great big tousled hair, vintage rings and belts.

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Nastassja Kinski, 1989, by David Mcgough.

My birthday is coming so soon. I love it but it is still sending me for a bit of spin. Like walking on ping pong balls. But I love seeing more and more photos of “older women”, the street shots by The Sartorialist especially, he captures some striking, strong, sexy Italian women so well, paparazzi shots of an “older” Kate Moss [I know, I know, she is hardly “older” but any age in women has been so thoroughly hidden before and still is in her campaigns for example]. I have actually been pretty obsessed by this “older woman” idea for a while. As in “what do they know?”, “what are there lives really like?” And then just the look fascinates me.

When looking up some information on Nastassja Kinski, her birth date on Wikipedia is unconfirmed. As much as I like the truth about everything being told, I like mystery too. It is almost impossible to have an unconfirmed birth date now.

Anyway, I have been a fan of her’s forever. And wanted to share these Japanese modeling photos of her from when she was 13, and a few other photos too.

I love this softly belted oversize trench, because yes i love trenches.

In a bear suit in The Hotel New Hampshire by Tony Richardson, 1984.

Thank you to my amazing online friend nicolas cage vampire teeth for the modeling photos and reminding me how incredible Ms. Kinski is.

So… how old will I be? I’m not telling!

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is this not ridiculously gorgeous? and it is even almost cold enough to wear it! which i did.

close ups here & here & here. and do look because the detail is beguiling. i don’t know all the terms so feel free to correct me [Mandy] but the body is a net-like knit, there is cabling running along the sleeves and the body and right into the ribbed hem [which seems to drive Mandy crazy, which is totally understandable], big scoop cabled neckline so i can layer galore, a cute yet gruff toggle, puffed sleeves, and a beautiful finish on the sleeves that draws them in, which i really love.

.sweater designed & knit by Mandy aka Yarnageddon. see her blog & flickr. and her new Yarn Bombing book which just came out!
.ebayed vintage black leather corset/tank, it’s like a leather boy thing for a leather girl.
.AA long tank
.thrifted 80s deadstock jeans that are LOOONG
.thrifted 70s vintage knee high black leather stiletto boots

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well this will keep changing as i keep adding more favourites. but for the moment, you can see that i love black and hair [!] victorian jewellery. black is always my friend for fall and winter. also that tiny houndstooth fedora! and beautiful 1920s pressed leather purse. yum.

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this is my favourite Victorian Cuff…

and i wrote this last year… black is the new black. paint it black. back to black. back in black. or best of all just… in the black. and heck it still holds!

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this is from last night actually, and really more of a looking forward to fall thing. during the day yesterday i got a sunburn, not a very OTK gogo boot friendly day. so… a favourite thrifted 60s vintage dress of mine. and also favourite over the knee 60s black leather gogo boots, which were a thrift-trade of sorts. bigger here.

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.80s short cream cabled sweater, thrifted.
.thick cotton cinch belt with vintage brass buckle, made by me.
.equestrian skirt, thrifted and shortened by me. i love the intertwined belts along the hem.
.80s brown western style shoes, found on etsy.
.pearl necklace made by me.
.deadstock 80s rolling stone gold tongue earrings from The Rock Shop.
.rhinestone T stud from dunno where.

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i am pearl obsessed now and for this fall. fall! i want fall! this is my favourite pearl encrusted belt. it’s 80s and thrifted and kind of metal queen. it’s missing pearls but who cares. and my favourite forever grey sweatshirt, thrifted too. a gold rolling stone earring from The Rock Shop, and a rhinestone “T” stud too. more pearls soon…

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John Hughes died of a heart attack on August 6, 2009. i’m sure it is all over the blog world but i have to put up my little gravestone for him as writer/director/producer [the credits vary on the following] of The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and my favourite Pretty In Pink. i love the intro of Pretty In Pink so much. when Molly Ringwald is getting dressed in all her DIY, reworked vintage clothing, all the lace, and florals and so many of the things we have been loving again for a while. and i mention pink so often here, how could i not post this. though i wasn’t actually into these films when they came out, i got into them more recently, they made me feel really sentimental. i was “new wave” for a little while with a lot of pearls and white sneakers and lace. but then get into a harder look i guess, we called it “glam punk”.

[this photo is probably more 90s than 80s.]

not sure if that is an official term but it was all black plastic, black leather, studs, chains, platforms, neon… but with a good dose of rock, cartoon helium, Edie Sedgewick, Betty Boop, and hip hop in there too. can you picture it? i guess we were actually “club kids”, and basically in outer space. you’d have to go into the fashion crimes set of my flickr stream to see what i mean, if you feel so inclined.

so here’s to John Hughes and the 80s he made… with the original version of the Psychedelic Furs’ Pretty In Pink…

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