Il ya certaines choses que l’on caches pour les montrer… Montaigne

Should I translate? It is less romantic in english… “There are certain things we hide, in order to show them.”

Found via foxes in breeches. View large here.

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thrifted vintage belt, has another double pocket but took if off here.
vintage 80s shoes from etsy.
$2- plaid shirt that i love.
70s thrifted denim dress i’ve had forever.
tights i’ve had forever.
little sleeve holder i keep trying to wear.
drop “pearl” earrings i made.

i always have this peripheral western clothing obsession. not sure why. i’m from the prairies but a city in the prairies. here are a couple of screenshots from The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet episode “Rick’s Riding Lesson“. i love the instructor’s tucked in plaid shirt, boyish/girlish curvy jeans, and little updo. she’s sassy & tricky in this episode too, if you care to watch it.

the rest of the pics are in my flickr stream.

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I must be the last person on the planet to see this, and this must have been blogged and Nylon-ed, and cool magged to death though I missed that too. I think I just played it 8 times. These girls look so good, with each of the 4 girls having their own 80s style. The cast includes Cherie Currie of The Runaways, and Scott Baio. And is shot in a perfect romantic haze by Adrian Lyne who I love/hate [Flashdance, Fatal Attraction, 9½ weeks, Lolita], the music is by that king of disco Giorgio Moroder. Too beautiful. If I had seen this when I was young I would have definitely related to how they lived- the divorced parents, the pile of sweet girlfriends, the running around in the night in the city. I found this Roger Ebert review of it from back in the day too… “The movie’s a rare attempt to provide a portrait of the way teen-agers really do live today in some suburban cultures.” Though their lives and setting seem very urban I would say. Besides all that, it also makes me remember the appeal of pale pink satin. Pale pink satin! Sigh.

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me. favourite vintage 80s western shoes. favourite grey tweed vintage 70s trench coat [love this, will show full length soon]. and striped SWANclothing Louche tote.

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what happened to my vintage denim bloggings? what happened to me wearing vintage denim?! i’ll get back on that. in the meantime…

Anvil. just watched the documentary and took this screenshot. this movie is ouch! but i couldn’t blink.

and Gloria Vanderbilt. and a herd of bums in her designer denim. such a funny contrast.

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…has never gone away. a Biba image i love. and me in mine.

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hmmm. i never thought to look up bo derek in menswear. but here she is looking cute. and what a funny life she had. running away at 16 to Germany with John Derek, her to be husband, so he wouldn’t get charged because of her age. she was the 3rd of his wives… first Ursula Andress, then Linda Evans. they all looked exactly alike. except each being younger than the other. imagine what fantastic new fun cloning will bring.

and Yentl, i forgot all about this Barbara Streisand film until now. and I don’t think I’ve seen the whole thing. it’s about a young woman who wants to study but being a woman at that time she isn’t allowed, so she dresses up as a boy. AND it’s a musical. i was sort of a snob about Barbara Streisand. but now i love her. i swear it’s her nails. i’m the same about Dolly Parton. that and both have a beautiful laugh and moxy galore.

this Yentl trailer is great, not sure how i mean that but i do. the love triangle is sweetly deranged.

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I said I wouldn’t but then I did… I got with Polyvore.

Neo-Classics Fall 2009
Neo-Classics Fall 2009 by SwanDiamondRose

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by Lou Marchetti.

Update… Louise Zeitlin left me a comment, mentioning that this was an illustration by her father. I asked for more details and here they are.

All my dad’s illustrations/book covers was under the name Lou Marchetti. My father was a cover illustrator from the 1950’s to the late 1980s, he died in 1992. Besides covers of the pulp fictions genre, he created a lot of covers for books having to do with Gothics, i.e., the cover usually had a young beautiful girl running from a mysterious house or castle, and the ever present light in the window (a feature many artists started adding in their covert art.) If you’d like to read more about my dad check ASKART.COM and put the name in “Lou Marchetti.” Thanks for your interest I really enjoy when people like my dad’s work. I have a lot of originals sitting here in my home at still at my mom’s house. Thanks again.

Louise M. Zeitlin

thank you Louise!

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Tyrone Powers ~ and look at that tweedy huge lapel.

the file name is H Baddeley ~ i don’t know who she is but she looks cool & a little crazy. i don’t remember where i found those. it could be Liebemarlene.

and the lovely SWANclothing sock garters in ballerina pink. see what I’m getting at? but less thinking and more wearing…

[intro to SWANclothing sock garters, SWANclothing sock garters are finally here!, winning the Google sock garter battle…]

Find them in my SWANclothing store.

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