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just wanted to thank a minor thread [on Etsy] aka type.wright [on Flickr] for letting me know i was in a front page Etsy treasury this morning :) thank you! it’s always nice to see your work recontextualized.

AND thank you to K. of Etsy’s kankalinhats for putting me in the list in the 1st place.

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Miss Susie Bubble is the featured blogger of the moment in Teen Vogue. which is so nice for her. and it can be put in the HUGE pile of accolades this girl gets, and rightly so.

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i was pretty tickled to see her carrying her new SWANclothing Rose Quilted Louche in the 1st picture. i feel pretty weird sometimes to blog press that relates to SWAN. like some sort of egomaniacal rapper who doesn’t actually rap, even though i like egomaniacal rappers… uh ya… but there you go. i dig that Susie digs her bag.

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i hear there is an Ocean Cloud vacationing in Malta… i hope you take pics Jessica ;)

and London-based Susanna Lau a.k.a. Susie Bubble of UK fashion blog Style Bubble received her new Rose Quilted Louche.

mentioned here in her Dear Grey Jersey entry…

“If I pull something of you out of my wardrobe be it a t-shirt, a racerback, or use a bag made out of you (the newest one being a large quilted louche tote courtesy of Swan Diamond Rose), I know I’m not going to get any nasty surprises. Reliable, trusty and no, that never descends into the Volvo state of things. It never gets uninteresting because you have happily obliged to be paired with more colourful things lurking in the closet. You don’t mind playing second fiddle to some sequins, some fringed tights, neon lace or sometimes all three…”

[the jersey totes will be available this fall.] Susie’s been a Louche supporter from the get go pretty much, which i love. and those pics are just wow, sigh-soft grey rainbows. so nice. thanks Susie :)

just wanted to add, i am getting a little jealous maybe? of these totes travels. but mostly i just love it. more to come later this week.

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i was featured with 3 other Canadian Etsy-ers in the June 28 2008 Globe & Mail style section. this is the online version of the blurb. they got my company name a bit wrong but all the same it is very nice to be mentioned. the other sellers are- PrettyRaccoon Clothing, Penny Glass Girl, cabin + cub design.

see large size in my Flickr stream…

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the full version of the featured seller SWANclothing thing. not because i want to squeeze more love out of you, just to archive it. really!

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hey i’m the featured seller today! i don’t know if it is just for the day or the week. either way it is very nice to get a turn. i was hoping they would notice me one day _ thanks Etsy!

one of the questions-

continued here…

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p.s. aha! my Flickr friend helloalena is going to translate soon… she seems to be behind this. another nice internet surprise :)

full article here.

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i wanted to say thanks again to i got to explain what SWANclothing [in its still growing state] is all about. to read in full go to the interview: Tara of SWANclothing. and remember to traipse through the NO GOOD FOR ME blog. it’s wonderfully jam [raspberry? strawberry?] packed with music, style and art that can only make your summer better ;)

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My new style lovies for miss Susie Bubble of Style Bubble just got posted. [Best viewed large in my flickr stream.] Thank you miss Susie! Here is the 1st round. Check out Dream Echo, wow. I’m in the 2nd Mega Lovies Lovin’ entry [and Susie I think you SHOULD keep making up words!]. And here is the 2006 entry.

So, definite evidence that colour is sneaking back into my wardrobe. I’m loving neutrals with slices of brights & neons. Heck just today I thrifted a neon pink fitted 60s cardigan. Nice. And also proof that I am on some 80s preppy kick [not the new 60s cardigan but most of the other stuff].

And just a reminder that if you don’t read Style Bubble you really should. It’ll just make you all happy and light and wanting to wear frivolous wonderful things. It’s true.

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thank you for the lovely write up Kat :)

i am somewhat at a loss for words today but the NO GOOD FOR ME blog is just really good. covering fashion/beauty/music/art & more in loving detail. Kat & Liz find the right things for girls, and boys, like me! and Kat really got at what i want these dresses to be…

“There are many things I love about warmer weather: rooftops in the city, higher margarita consumption, afternoons in the park, flowers in bloom, and sartorially speaking, adorable print summer dresses that you can just throw on with sandals or flip-flops and go. Who can resist a sweet little summer dress? Especially when they’re made by Swan Diamond Rose, a label with a penchant for the loveliest frocks you’ll ever get to wear. I love how the clothes are quietly girly without being too frilly or saccharine, and even better, I love the fact that they’re handmade with loving care and attention to detail. There’s truly something special and timeless about these dresses, as if you know you’ll keep them for years and pass them onto your daughter (or someone else you love) one day. Big plus: they’re made of thrifted and vintage fabrics and created in very limited numbers, so they are truly one-of-a-kind. Don’t you love the idea that something is dearly, uniquely yours? So go ahead, be the prettiest girl in your zip code this summer…”

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