i can’t do it very often but sometimes i just send things out into the world. i actually wish i could do that all the time. Rhiannon of liebemarlene vintage commented that she liked the Tiny Rose purse in my Flickr stream and i thought it was such a perfect match. Rhiannon wore it on a 4th of July visit to see her family in Tennessee. here she is with her sister Lauren.

i love the photos so much and her stylings and what Rhiannon said…

“The lovely Tara at SWANclothing must have known that I was getting bored of the 2 or 3 purses I carry around on a regular basis, because she offered to send me one of her new Tiny Rose purses, which I’d been eyeing. I think I’ve used mine about every single day since it came in the mail—small cross-body bags are just perfect for summertime anyway, but this one is especially nice and light. The denim fabric gives an edge to my a lot of times too cutesy outfits in the same way that a denim jacket does—I was actually tempted to wear a jean jacket with this dress, but it would have been way too hot and I would have gotten teased, and, besides, the Tiny Rose really gives the dress the same sort of feeling.”

much thanks Rhiannon :) and also Drew! for the photos.

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i love this outfit Anabela of Fieldguided created for Camp Comfort. All clothing info on Camp Comfort blog.

and thanks monsieur Christophe Bergeron for your Du côté de chez Swan write up of my Venice dress or as he put it “mignonne petite robe soleil “ in Voir. Christophe is the bees knees :)

and i love the Denim Denim Denim pile that Tee of Apartment #102 included my Ruffle Bustle Bumbag in. xo Tee.

and remember that Liberty tie i got… well i’m finally fessing up to where i got it. i’ve gotten somewhat secretive about my shopping sources recently. for shame! especially since there is ANOTHER tie in graybird vintage‘s store that i have my eye on. AND these lovely floral coffee cups. amazing.

here is graybird‘s sweet blurb on me and my SWAN stuff.

you know, i’m going to write an entry on my continued use of emoticons and perhaps overuse of xo. i am completely embarrased about my :) use but i don’t think i want to stop! some people understand. anyway. thank you all for bloggings.

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back to the happy things! the lovely Anabela of Fieldguided blogged her newly arrived SWANclothing Rose Quilted XL Louche tote. i really love how she wore heidi braids that echo the braided Louche handle.

photos from Fieldguided.

i’ve mentioned Anabela’s handmade ties before. and i think there are some bowties coming down the line. exciting! and i’m holding back on putting multiple exclamation points there. you can see a prototype in this this Fieldguided blog entry, just scroll down…

much xo Anabela.

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Was my Google alerts sleeping? Can I fire it? When I did a little thank you for SWANclothing mentions this week somehow… my Google Alerts didn’t pick up this article from Jennine of The Coveted- Canadian Black Market. Mentioning me and a small slew of persevering, oblivious to obstacles, independent Canadian designers. Including quotes of some of my observations about the Canadian fashion industry. I saw this and blushed. And then of course the lovely Jennine went off and got married! I am very out of the loop…

Congratulations Rocky & Jennine. Hugs & kisses!

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looking lovely in grey… and making me miss cobblestone.

view large here, here & here. photos by Rocky.

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i’ve sort of konked out the past few days. i finished my last few orders for the year. and i just kind of napped for 2 days and DVD binged. now i’m going to attend to my Xmas presents, which I guess are a secret for now. anyway. what a year! hard work. lots of little triumphs. hard work. i loved seeing SWAN stuff go out and be enjoyed by new owners. i have learned more what works for SWAN and what doesn’t and now i’m looking forward to holidays with my baby and finding fresh energies to start what i think will be a Sweet Swan Riot 2009. yup. to quote my friend Henry Faber “there was a revolution and it was pleasant”. maybe he was quoting someone else, i dunno. and not that Swan is a revolution but there are some nice things going on in the world, and i want to be or keep being a part of that.

i never really mention my previous career, but i used to be a videographer/director/editor/new media artist. my last project was co-director of a 2 1/2 hour documentary about American foreign policy and the Middle East. when i finished the 2 years [!] of editing on that i wanted to do something positive instead of just pointing out problems with things i didn’t like in the world. i wanted less computer time, but still some technology, i wanted more real people in my life, and i wanted to work with my hands and with beauty again like i did when i was a teenybopper model. thus SWAN was borned. and things are hopefully changing in the world a bit. for sure due to there being more totes in the world! just kidding.

anyway again, this week i was pleasantly surprised to find new pics and SWANclothing travels. from the lovely Jennine [i always say that because i always mean it] and the lovely & bubblicious Susie Bubble. both these women give me truckloads of motivation and inspiration. just watching their lives unfold online is a great story. and to have had their support for SWANny stuff is pretty darn dear to me.

[Susie Bubble & her SWANclothing Ruffle Bustle Bumbag on her birthday in Paris in front of a favourite Jeff Koons piece of mine!] View big here.

[Jennine of The Coveted with her SWANclothing Louche tote, “i LOVE the tote, my whole life is in there”] View big here.

AND! as always, thank you to all my online and real world friends & family, new & old! for your presence & support & general awesomeness! if i haven’t yet blogrolled those who i have said i would, i will, just a little snowed under at the moment :)

P.S. i’m working at the craft store this Saturday, i haven’t been there in a couple months but am helping out for the holidays. if you know what i am talking about you are always welcome to come down and say hi. or howdy.


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Susie Bubble of Style Bubble received her special order SWANclothing Ruffle Bustle Bumbag with double the ruffles and i am so very happy :)

blogged in her What’s that on your bum? entry.

[click image for LARGE]

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“Tara propose des sacs et des t-shirts luxueux et de grande qualité, tous faits de ses mains de maître. Les ornements des pièces sont cousus, dessinés au pochoir, brodés ou montés en courtepointe par la créatrice elle-même. Le résultat final se trouve à la jonction de l’allure romantique et la fonctionnalité.”

wow! everything sounds better in french. Montreal’s Voir and Marie-Andrée Guimont just did an online and hardcopy piece about Cybershopping: Le meilleur des mondes and included SWANclothing or better yet Cygne, mmmm j’adore ca.

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A take on the SWANclothing Ruffle Bustle Bumbag from The Coveted – The Practical Bustle.

“It’s amazing someone hasn’t thought of this before. As I was scrolling through my reader this morning, I almost spit out my coffee when I saw the SwanDiamondRose Ruffle Bustle. After all, we love ruffle bags, we love ruffles, bustles are gorgeous, but who can really fit them underneath their pencil skirts? This fanny pack/bum bag (don’t say fanny pack in England, you’ll get all kinds of snickering), is a perfect little bag for those of us with sore shoulders or those of us who don’t want to leave our essentials in our coat check.”

Click for full size. [Supposedly I just posted my 1000th image in my blog, scary.]

I like reading all the comments about it of course, on her page. Lots of lovin’, some hesitation, and some orders :) it’s all good to me. I like this one-

“What a great idea! I would love to see bloggers use it in their outfits, to see what works with it.” Posted by lopi | September 8, 2008, 1:25 pm”

I wish I actually could just send piles of them out. Piles of everything actually. I look forward to seeing them incorporated into people’s outfits.

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click for full size.

Jennine of THE COVETED got her new SWANclothing Rose Quilted Louche. she did a sweet write-up and took some sweet pics in a sunny German forest . like i’ve said before, i just love to see where my totes travel to. thank you very much Jennine! enjoy your tote.

and just wanted to add, Jennine has been very supportive of my SWANclothing undertakings. my thanks is fully heartfelt. her blog continues to be a very clear voice in the exploding array, and sometimes disarray, of fashion blogs out there. i’m a fan, and if you aren’t yet, go be one… she also herds a flock of us fashion bloggers as IFB. a very astute fashion bloggers resource.

ok, back to making FALL ITEMS!

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